Way to the Kingdom Poll πŸ‘‘

With Oni Princess being worked on, THAT TIME is coming!

There’s only space for 3 Reigns, only 3 more main Princesses will fit in, and we’ll be running our next Kingdom Poll in March!Β 

The poll for the next Princess, as usual, will be open to every Patron pledging $5 or more.

HOWEVER. This month we’ll take one entry we’ll use in the Kingdom Poll from you guys!
Anything goes, so we’ll be collecting all your entries and have our Dragons, Knights, and Queens vote!

It’s the Outsider Poll πŸ‘€ Write your entry in here as a comment!

Do it like this:

  • Name (“X Princess”)
  • NO description

With so many entries, we have to split the first phase into brackets!

Top 2 Princesses of each Bracket entered the final!

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