Spritz Debauchery 🍦

He/She/It is just the perfect closure for our first set of NPCs!

  • 1 Weapon + 4 Accessories ONLY
  • The only weapons allowed are its special Runes

The weapons are also the ways it uses to shift~

  • Shifting Rune (starting equipment)

+18 MAT / +18 MDE

The shapeshifting one, lets Spritz change into many aspects as it changes its mood!

  • Sunny Rune (Swimsuit costume)

-6 DEF / +24 MAT / +12 MDE

  • Dusty Rune (Maid costume)

+6 DEF / +12 MAT / +24 MDE

  • Razor Rune (Battle costume)

-12 DEF / +40 MAT / -12 MDE

And just think about how many possibilities you have with 4 Accessory slots! I’m in love already.

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