Tier and Rewards update

This is just the first batch of changes, the safe, cowardly one.

Expect a nice meta experience soon… but for now, here are the main changes:

Dragon Tier (20$)

Since now we don’t have a “current month NPC”, as we’ve finished working on the first set, the Dragons will have the choice of getting 1 NPC of their choice or 3 random ones!

Soon, we’ll release in here a proper DLC you can download and slap into your game’s folder, to get any of the DLC NPCs you want at will!

Knight Tier (50$)

  • ✏️MINI Polls

MINI Polls, where we’ll decide the next sexy little game we will be working on, have been opened to Knights too! We start in just a few more days!

Removed, until we figure out if it’s possible/advisable to distribute DLCs on Steam that way (as in, for free, to an unspecified number of users). Knights can still ask for the full set of NPCs following the same method we’ve used until now (via Discord)

  • 💬Access to the Royal Room Channel of our Discord Server (read-only, like a proper Knight!)

For fun, Knights can enter the new Royal Room, but they’re not allowed to speak in front of Queens and Goddesses (still useful to see the art previews for MINI games we publish in there)

I’d say everything else is self-explanatory, but if I’ve missed explaining something do let me know!

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