About Down the Neko Hole

In Down the Neko Hole what you should expect is a game with NSFW content, not a barebone game slapped on top of 3 GBs of smut!

Let us begin with…

The Girls

… and many more!

The Setting

Down the Neko Hole / DTNH / NekoHole is a game about the (mis)adventures of a catgirl that, one night, finds out her little brother has disappeared.

That’s bad! No matter how cute, catgirls and other unlucky creatures aren’t that loved on the surface. Looking for pieces of information won’t be easy…

… but life’s hard enough as it is. If that slacker thinks he can just disappear on you…!

Being the brave big sister you are, you immediately go look for him, that’s when the adventure starts!

End City is at the top of an enormous Hole full of riches, magic, and other horrors! Apparently, that’s where he went to!

NekoHole‘s world is really dangerous and, even if you’ll be starting on its surface, the search will bring you much, MUCH deeper!

All kinds of marvels await our feline inside the Hole but, as she digs herself deeper and deeper into it, she may find answers she’s not ready for.

Fetishes and Features

As you progress down the Hole (or not…?) there are many discoveries you’ll make in NekoHole:

Monstergirl / Kemono lewdness

Female on Male / Futa on Female / Female on Female …

Action Battle System

Day / Night cycle, Weather system, unique (non-scripted) events changing the game’s world

A fully dynamic environment to explore

Animals / Monsters / NPCs behavioural patterns

NPCs STRUGGLING to survive as they venture Down the Hole

The game already has many of its core techs implemented: a 3D world (also supporting 3D models that will greatly enhance its visuals), fully mappable controlsgamepad support, an adjustable camera and it will be available on mobile too!

The Team

The Team, as of now, is composed of:

Towerfag, that’s me! The project manager and programmer of the game!

Jordi Navarrete, our concept and CGartist!

TAGM, our composer!

Tsu, working on HUD elements and cute icons!

KARMA and MidnightREN, our writer(s)!

The Team, as of now, is in need of:

2D/Pixel animator(s)

3D modeler(s)

HUD artist(s)

More writers

More, more, MORE!!