Thank you for all the positive feedbacks after the latest videos we posted on our pages!

I couldn’t help myself and wanted to show more. There’s so much new to the game anyway that these short videos are barely scratching the surface of all the new stuff you’ll be able to do in the first release of Princess & Conquest.

There’s the new Lamia Sanctuary…

One of the few places where you’ll regularly find Lamia NPCs. They’re free to move around the Kingdom, but this is the only place where you’ll always find at least one!

There’s much more to the Sanctuary, like that suggestive area at the beginning of the video. It might be a good idea to check it out, sooner or later.

Some hidden items in on of the many new areas of the Harvest Reign

Is that an EGG?!

But how to empty the granary… mmmmh…

And pumpkin shenanigans in the Scarecrow Fields!


As you can see from the last video, the Knight’s appearance can now change depending on the items he’s equipping, that might be useful in future for special sets of armor or more fetish-y stuff.

Later tonight a NSFW video will follow, for Patrons only!

Since the last video raised some questions, these ones are a little more detailed.
You can see how the Egg isn’t an item but a member of your party and how it gets assigned the correct sprite once it hatches!

Back to why you should hatch moths at night… this is what could happen!



Next, I’ll explore some of the options to make eggs hatch even when you’re outside the world map.
Expect another video soon, showing the results!