In this part of the Wiki we’ll cover everything going on behind the scenes.
Knowing this stuff can help you understand why X happened in the game and what to expect after certain events!

Reign Affinity

Reign Affinity is the score that expresses how friendly you are with a reign and its inhabitants.
It’s NOT how much the Princess of that reign likes you.

Reign Affinity is needed for some useful stuff:

  • Being allowed to meet the Princess of that reign;
  • Progress with the questline of the Princess while she’s still on her throne;
  • Being able to ask a Princess to declare war or make peace with someone.

And it can be raised by:

  • Completing that reign’s quests at the “Knights INC.”;
  • Fighting battles against the enemies of that reign;
  • Convincing one of their enemy Princesses to abdicate;
  • Having sex with NPCs of that race;
  • Saving a Princess from one of Dog Princess yandere tantrums.
  • Giving (most) gifts to the Princess of that reign.

Finally, what decreases Reign Affinity is:

  • Fighting battles against that reign;
  • Getting caught during infiltrations.

Of course there’s also the chance you pick good/bad dialogue options or solve/fail quests Princesses assign you during audiences. That usually results in a change in the Princess Affinity/Relationship score with that girl, but sometimes it can also change the Reign Affinity you have with that particular race.

Princess Affinity / Relationship

Princess Affinity/Relationship is needed for the most important stuff:

  • 3♥ are needed before a Princess accepts to elope with you during a siege (Goblin needs just 2♥);
  • 3♥ and a Heir are needed before a Princess accepts to elope with you during an infiltration(Goblin needs just 1♥, Desert needs 2♥, Mouse doesn’t need a Heir);
  • 3♥ and are needed before a Princess accepts to have sex with you during an infiltration (Goblin needs just 1♥, Desert needs 2♥);

This score is raised mainly by:

  • Picking good dialogue options or solve quests Princesses assign you during audiences;
  • Saving a Princess from one of Dog Princess yandere tantrums.

Finally, what decreases Reign Affinity is:

  • Picking bad dialogue options or fail quests Princesses assign you during audiences;


Each possible couple of reigns has a Diplomacy score that’s used to express how much they like eachother.

The starting Diplomacy, at the beginning of the game, isn’t 0 most of the times. There’s Princesses that are already buddies and others that dislike eachother, like humans and skeletons, or cats and mice!

The value isn’t fixed and can change after events happening in the game.

Diplomacy raises after:

  • NPCs effects (like Niu’ya or Helias);
  • Tea Parties (level 1 Knights INC quest) going positively (~80% chance);
  • You ask a Princess to stop a war;
  • If a Princess sells another Princess she held captive to the goblins, her Diplomacy score with Goblin Princess will rise.
Tea Parties are serious business, all the Princesses available in that region will participate!

Diplomacy drops after:

  • A reign divides 2 reigns that are already at war (example: Human Princess declares war to Goblin Princess, but for them to reach eachother is necessary to go through the Desert Reign -> Both their Diplomacy scores with Desert Princess will drop!);
  • Tea Parties (level 1 Knights INC quest) going negatively (~20% chance);
  • You ask a Princess to declare war to another reign.

Diplomacy isn’t the only factor that decides if war or peace gets declared, there’s also the distance between the capitals and the power of the armies that can make a Princess desire to bully another!

Kingdom Enmity

In the latest releases I focused a lot on trying to convey the Kingdom’s status in its daily life, mainly on the number of NPCs in meeting places (like the Clocktown, the Faun’s Tavern, the Greenkin Brewery…), on the initial requirements to meet a Princess and on Merchant Princess!

An increasing number of wars will now:

  • decrease the number of NPCs you find around the Kingdom;
  • increase the Affinity required to be allowed to meet a Princess by her guards;
  • Slow down Merchant Princess travels.

Remember, a peaceful reign is a fun fun one, have a lot of Tea Parties and (if they don’t end up with Princesses throwing cups of boiling tea to eachother) the Diplomacy score will surely increase, possibly decreasing the number of wars around the Kingdom!

Some of the new NPCs like Niuya and Helias can help too, if you’re lucky enough to have them in your playthrough! Check the Wiki if you need more infos on NPCs!

Everytime you find Helias: +1 Diplomacy between all the Princesses! Its the power of the Sun!

Kingdom Lewdness

Princesses are role models, someone looked with great attention by all their subjects. If they’re naughty, there’s a chance their subjects end up being naughty too!

If they start wearing revealing costumes or allowing some knight into their rooms, the people will eventually notice and this will gradually increase the number of NPCs that will follow their example and accept to have sex while being in meeting spots around the Kingdom!

Remember Shade Princesses we talked about in here, as the result of using the Shade Brace on a Princess?
What do you think it would happen if you let a Shade Princess have sex freely? Yep. Lewdness.

Breeding & Rebreeding in Princess & Conquest

Just like Mendel taught, but now done properly!

Before, only breeding with the 1st generations was possible, and the offsprings you got that way could already differ greatly from their own mothers.
Now, through Breeding & Rebreeding, selective breeding becomes possible!

You can choose, between all the Progeny you get from one of the girls, your favourite one, so that the following generations will look like the new mother you chose this way!

You get a rare variety or coloration of a monster (like the human/spider hybrid in gen IV in the picture down here)? If you breed her it will be much easier to get another of the same rare variety!

Eons of breeding later…

This is just the surface of it all, the mechanics underlying the patterns of transmissions of said features will try to simulate as closely as possible what happens in real life.

A brief plunge into madness:

The KoboldSome (Kobold Chromosome)

This will SURELY be included in the instructions manual upon release.

I’ve planned the features to be placed on a single (for now, as long as we have less than ~10 different characters to be inherited) chromosome, for each race.

To keep things even simpler there won’t be one for the Knight, let’s assume he’s some kind of universal breeder, that doesn’t influence the offsprings. In short, this means only the mother will influence the Progeny you get.

By placing the different features on a chromosome you can determine how often 2 characters are transmitted together.

Looking at the one for kobolds you can see that horn and tail shape often go together, this can be good if you want to keep or change both, but it makes it really difficult to keep one, while changing the other!


This change is bigger than it seems, and envelops many aspects of the game.

The Princesses now will have attributes, possibily varying if you’re using Custom Princesses instead of the Classic ones.

The Attributes (the grouped ones are usually mutually exclusive) are:

  • Living
  • Undead


  • Human
  • Beast
  • Demon
  • Monster

So, while Harvest would be Living/Human and Slime would count as Living/Monster, the default Skeleton would be Undead/Human while a custom Skeleton looking like

would be Undead/Monster.

This classification comes in handy to explain how certain mechanics work differently for different races.

While Living characters can normally reproduce, Undead ones are not that lucky.
Living beings, just like you and me, require food to survive, but Undead ones don’t!
Beasts reproduce faster, Monsters have varying speeds to deliver (some of them, like Slimes, will deliver faster than beasts from the next update), Humans need longer times.
Demons and Monsters are bad at dealing with other beings (meaning lower Diplomacy scores), while Humans and Beasts are more courteous.

And so on…


A Reign’s Wealth  won’t increase as time passes anymore.

A Reign’s Wealth  won’t increase its Army  or Defense  score anymore.

Now that there’s mechanics that regulate slave trades (goblin), food trades (harvest), customs (mouse) and war expenses, together with more events that can change a reign’s wealth (like during Tea Parties) I’m ready to leave it to these game’s features, without having Wealth go up by itself after set times.

  • War Expenses

From now on armies will require Wealth  to be maintained for long times.

When a reign depletes all its Wealth  its population will slowly start to drop.
If the population (you can see it in the Status Screen) reaches 0 that reign is defeated!

Conquering a city from another Princess rewards the conqueror with 1 Wealth , conquering her capital gives 1 additional Wealth !

  • Food

Let’s spill it out .
Harvest Princess is a good-willed, simple-minded, cutie.

She produces most of the food and crops in the Kingdom, to the point that she could starve half the Kingdom if she wanted, getting rich by selling fresh vegetables and flour to the ones willing to pay.

BUT… she has the golden heart of a Princess, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Screw Machiavelli.

She sells at fair rates what she produces to all the other Princesses, stopping () only if they’re at war with her.

Living Princesses will have a hard time against her, while Undead ones will trample her easily:
The ones that need to eat to survive will gradually lose population with drawn out wars (and gradually recovering Diplomacy with Harvest Princess, realizing their mistakes), despite of their Wealth , unless they’re controlling the Holstaur Dairies!

If they have easy access to milk they won’t starve, even when at war with Harvest Princess!

  • Customs
The new Status Screen~

In the picture above the Harvests Reign is warring () with the Cats!

Harvest is in the Northern part of the Kingdom, the latter is in the Southern one. If either of them isn’t friendly enough with the Mice, they’ll have to pay customs () to the Mice Reign! Their fortress is right in the middle, between the North and the South, the warring armies have to go through there to get to the other side, there’s no way around it! (yet…)

Warring in faraway lands for prolonged times might deplete the treasury () of a Princess but the winner takes back some of it!

  • Slaves

How it worked until now:

A reign getting defeated could have its Princess sold to Goblin Princess as a slave.
The reign selling it would gain 1 Wealth  immediately while the goblins would lose 1 Wealth  immediately, to gain it back only when the slave is sold.

How it will work from now on:

A reign getting defeated could have its Princess sold to Goblin Princess as a slave, like before.
The reign selling it would gain 1 Wealth  immediately while the goblins would lose 1 Wealth immediately, to gain it back only when the slave is sold.

Then the Goblins, depending on the selling price of the girl, could gain 1 or 2 additional Wealth !

Other random events can increase/decrease the Wealth  a Princess has, like good ol’ Tea Parties, “Knight’s INC.” quests, Pirates (another new one) and I plan to have in future more Goods they can trade to eachother!