Time for a recap about all the different UI elements and menus that are being changed by FlynnFlann and Tsu, our UI/Art duo!

This page will be updated with all the menus you’ll find ingame and what you can do with them, just give it some time, I’ll keep updating it~

The Title Screen

Still in an early development stage, we’ll end up adding ingame stuff to make it look even more appealing, while keeping the P&C style.

The next step will be to make the blue/background part animated, while the pink/foreground part will remain still, showing the game’s Title and Version.

The Status Screen

The most useful menu at your disposition while adventuring!
For every Reign in the game it shows, to the left, how the Princess looks (including the costumes she’s wearing), the active items on her, your relationship with her and, to the right, the reign’s status and the diplomatic relationships between the current reign being shown and the rest of the Kingdom!

Each reign’s stats are shown with the Power , Defense  and Wealth  Icon. The more the better! To know what they do visit the Mechanics Wiki!

The relationship between the different Reigns is shown with different icons:

 War Icon: the two Reigns are at war.

 Tax Icon: the reign is being taxed by the Mouse Reign.

 Food Icon: the reign is being starved by the Harvest Reign.

 Food + War Icon: the reign is being starved AND is at war with the Harvest Reign.

The Progeny Menu

Without this menu it would be impossible to manage all the kids you can get in Princess & Conquest (up to 500!), and with pregnancies becoming more and more a central element of the game its importance is undeniable.

To the left/pink size you’ll see the names of your Progeny, while on the right their looks and stats will appear!
The window to the left of the Progeny’s name it’s used to show who’s the original mother of the kid.
This is more important than it seems: there are MANY ways for one of your Progeny to change race ingame, it would be very difficult to keep track of all the changes otherwise!

The Level Up Menu

This is the new menu you’ll be using to distribute the Stat Points you get by leveling up your party members! It will include short descriptions for all the stats, in the final version, and will show the characters portrait, as usual. Difference is, this time we will have to add one for the Knight too!