In this part of the Wiki we’ll cover all the alternative costumes and forms the Princesses can get in the game. Get comfy, there’s a lot of them! Be aware that there ALL these costumes have a counterpart that adapts it to every NPC’s body! While I’m using the Princesses to portray them you have to multiply the number of costumes for 4-5 times! Most of the remaining costumes and forms will require us to get back our funding before being able to resume working on them! Every costume has to be done for the Princess AND for all the different body types her race can get!

Kobold Princess

Human Princess

Slime Princess

Golem Princess

Insect Princess

Skeleton Princess

Desert Princess

Ghost Princess

Goblin Princess

Moth Princess

Cat Princess

Dog Princess

Mouse Princess

Rabbit Princess

Harvest Princess

Wyvern Princess

Finhead Princess

Mermaid Princess

Dragon Princess I

Dragon Princess II

Dragon Princess III

Dragon Princess IV