Chunga Root [Rank: B]

“A nutritious, bulbous root. It emits an aura of heat”

One of the starting items you get in Kobold Princess‘ Throne room!

This tuber, like its icon shows, produces a good amount of heat.
It can be used to thaw yourself out from freezing situations, like during one of Dragon Princess II‘ attacks (useful to get her interested in the Knight without investing in Intellect)!

It also has hidden uses! The egg-laying Princesses (Kobold, Insect and Moth at the moment) will give birth 2 times faster and the Progeny will be of better quality!

Moth Princess is ready to colonize the Kingdom with little moths. No wardrobe is safe from her.

You can equip it to one of your party members or gift it to Insect and Moth Princess! Grants immunity to chillin’ temperatures too!

 Sacred Candle [Rank: B]

“Sacred treasure of the kobolds. Links two individuals’ lifespans”

One of the starting items you get in Kobold Princess‘ Throne room!

Matching lifespans one another is an ancient ritual between kobolds, but what it does ingame?

The Princess you equip it to recieves a 25% bonus to all Stats and 2 additional points in Love!
This great power-up comes with a price though… Knight’s and that Princess’ lifespans are now matched! If one falls in battle the other one follows!

 Power Pearl [Rank: A]

“Gives life to lifeless beings”

The Power Pearl won’t end up in your inventory, you have to visit the Slime’s Pool and interact with it, but it’s well worth the trip there!

If you’re not under the effect of the Shorty Special  there’s no way for the Knight to get Golem, Ghost or Skeleton Princess pregnant.

But… if you bring them to the Power Pearl… they will switch to their living (more or less…) forms, becoming impregnable like all the other Princesses!

Since v0.13.2 it’s possible to change the race of your Skeleton, Golem and Ghost Progeny into another, living, one, just by using the stone!

A portable version (Pocket Power Pearl ) has been added in v0.14, allowing the Player to use the Power Pearl‘s power wherever he wants!

 Red Thread Rings [Rank: B]

“Anything placed through one ring will emerge from the other”

Here’s one that required some time and a good amount of scripting to work!

The Red Thread Rings (a pair of) can be found in Human Princess’ Castle, right behind her throne, but getting your iron-clad hands on them is just the beginning!

Just like the Moonlight Charm  this is an item you can combine with Princess Panties  to sneak it into a Princess’ wardrobe.

The Tricky Panties ()you get this way can be swapped with the normal ones the Princesses usually leave around in their rooms. They will wear the Tricky ones until you swap them again, without noticing a thing~

Anything placed through one ring will emerge from the other“… so what could happen if they’re placed into a Princess’ panties??
You probably guessed that already, but you can use them to play with “portals”!
If you hide the rings on two different Princesses you will end up interacting with the one far away while you’re in the tent or in the room with the other “ringed” girl!

Human Princess has it! The Status Screen shows many things about the Princesses that are still sitting on their thrones!

If you get multiple copies of this item (see MYSTERY BOX ) the Knight will be able to lay with all the girls in the Kingdom at once, up to 2 * the number of Red Thread Rings in your inventory!

Shorty Special [Rank: A]

“You will overflow your partner with cum. 100% pregnancy chance”

Literally. Impregnate anyone.
It doesn’t matter if the girl is a living skeleton or a machine, if her body isn’t suited to bear children or if she’s not fertile in that moment. She WILL get pregnant.

As long as she’s female…

The effect expires when the clock hits midnight.

There’s a gremlin guarding the room, but you know how to deal with her, do you?

In the back shop of the Greenkin Brewery there’s a room where the goblins keep all their premium liquors stacked. In there, refreshed daily, you will be able to get the Shorty Special

This item is currently the only way to get the unliving Princesses (Skeleton, Golem and Ghost) pregnant, without switching them to their living forms!

Spooky miracle!

 Broken Dagger [Rank: B]

“Turns the bearer into the last enemy he killed”

It’s unusual for weapons to be dowries, and the Broken Dagger surely isn’t just a spooky knife.
However, it IS still a dagger, so not everyone will be able to use it (Kobold, Slime, Skeleton, Dog and Goblin can).

Skeleton Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

To activate its swapping effect you need to use it on an enemy and kill it with a melee attack (it won’t trigger if you kill it using a skill). It IS a knife after all.

No Princess, you’re the monster now!

As you kill an enemy you will take his appearance and the other monsters won’t attack you as long as you’re like this!

Taking damage, using skills or leaving the dangerous zone will revert this effect.


“How did it end up in there?!”

Here’s another tricky one!

A lot of time was needed to make it work and, in spite of that, it’s hidden at the deeper lever of the Big Large Dungeon, behind a boss and a hardcore Princess like Mimic.

The original “unlimited space for belongings” sounded pointless since you have it already in the game, so I chose to level the little guy up!
You can store items inside it, and when you’re done it closes. Cool, isn’t it?

After fights…
… and other kinds of struggles…

After all you had to get through to get it, the MYSTERY BOX just closes with your items inside and you won’t be able to open it anymore in the current playthrough.

Mimics are mean.

But, as you reach NG+ (or ++,+++ …) you’ll find out that it’s unlocked!
You will be able to get your items back from your previous playthroughs and thus get multiple copies of items you can normally obtain just once.

You can store a MYSTERY BOX into another MYSTERY BOX, or other items for unexpected results and multiple copies (see Red Thread Rings  )!

 Clockwork Key [Rank: C]

“Spins endlessly and reduces fatigue”

Golem Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

Restores 1% of your Max MPs every second!

If the Knight has it equipped he will be able to ignore his Endurance limits! He will be able to keep going at it all night long!

 Evershifting Goo [Rank: C]

“Can’t stop won’t stop moving. Increases sex related stats”

Slime Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

Increases Love and Lust by 1 to the Princess equipping it! Useful if you’re doing crazy things like level 1 runs but still want to access the adult content!

 Purple Lump [Rank: B]

“Increases cell production and emits an alluring aura”

This item here adds a passive ability that has multiple uses~

Insect Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

Any party member equipping this (yes, even the Knight, although with lesser effectiveness) will get the chance of emitting a wave of sensual pheromones!

You can show your back to the enemy while hurting it! You’ll need a high Lust for a considerable damage output though.

The pheromones you release will hurt all the enemies after you (also influenced by a Princess’ Lust score), but the damage will spread on the targets so it won’t be as effective with larger groups. Sexyness AoE damage!

An enemy killed this way can also trigger Broken Dagger‘s  effect!

Another effect of the Purple Lump is that, going by the “produce cells/fluids instantly” description, a Princess equipping it will always be ovulating, so she will always be fertile and able to get pregnant.
This effects works on organic Princesses only and insects (Moth and Insect Princess) have this perk by default.

Lump Pills[Rank: B]

“Concentrated hormones, pregnancies will take much less to bear fruit”

This new item was added thanks to a poll between the Patrons and won by a long shot!

Any Princess equipping this will have her pregnancy speed multiplied by 10!
Even using the “Customization” menu you can only raise it to 3.

Desert Princess with the “Maid Dress” costume and “Lump Pills” equipped!

You can equip it on one of your Princesses (Accessory slot) OR gift it to one of the Princesses still sitting on their thrones!
In both cases the effect is the same, prepare to get flooded with cute succubi and satyrs~ (or kutebolds, jellies, goblets…)

[v0.17.1] The increased metabolism will make your companions gain (or lose) weight faster, by 3 times or more of their actual rate!

 Moonlight Charm [Rank: B]

“Makes what it touches incorporeal”

Just like the Red Thread Rings  this is an item you can either use on one of your recruited party members OR combine it with Princess Panties  to sneak it into a Princess’ wardrobe.

The Bodiless Panties ()you get this way can be swapped with the normal ones the Princesses usually leave around in their rooms. They will wear the Bodiless ones until you swap them again, without noticing a thing~

The Moonlight Charm will then magically affect the Princess, making a part of her body (front or rear, depending on where you placed the talisman) “incorporeal”. Nothing will stick to it!

Kobold Princess has the Moonlight Talisman affecting her!

If the Moonlight Charm is set to the front, that Princess won’t be able to get pregnant!

Made with the same material, you can also buy from a merchant in the ghosts’ area the Moonlight Glass Cloak ()!
The party member equipping this cloak will become invisible to enemies (they won’t notice a thing as long as they don’t get attacked), but there’s a condition: it requires moonlight!
It won’t have any effect during daytime or rainy nights!

 Father’s Gift [Rank: C]

“Gain a small fortune every time a new heir is born”

Human Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

The Princess equipping this item will receive a “small fortune” (several thousands~) after giving birth. There no such thing as enough money to raise a royal child!

The money will go to the Knight if the Princess is in your team, but if she’s still sitting on her throne it will be spent to replenish the coffers of her Reign (+1 Wealth Points  , needed to pay tolls and keep the army running, but it also influences who Dragon Princess I is going to visit next)!

 Crimson Cube [Rank: C]

“Protects from fire. The power of the dragons resides within it”

This big red gem used to belong to Dragon Princess I, but she loses it during the collapsing of the Kobold Mines, in the game’s intro.

To get it back you will have to play Kobold Princess’ route! As you rebuild the fortress you’ll be able to send other kobolds to dig the mines out for stones, crystals and other precious materials.
Digging enough will unlock new items to be bought in the fortress’ shops!

The Crimsom Cube will be sold in there!

The gem will become the kobolds’ most prized treasure. You will be able to set it into their altar and use it to change Kobold Princess into her Draconic form!

This form doesn’t only change the Princess’ looks, but it also influences her Progeny! In fact, only while the Princess is in her Draconic form the little kobolds you can do with her will have a chance to be born with wings!

These children are on a level of their own!

Dragon Princess I may not like the fact that the two of you are using her gem though…

 Fuzzy Inferno Nip [Rank: A]

“Causes Lust to increase when burned. Multiplies when burned!”

The Fuzzy Inferno Nip is a fiery plant that causes passion to burn in the girls you use it on!

It increases Lust by 2 and decreases Love by 1!
Despite looking like it only increases the risks for your Princesses, it can be used to get dirty, dirty, animations during battles in level 1 runs and you can use it in combination with Feline’s Bell  to increase Love instead!

You get only one, Dragon Princess I gives it to you during her route, but there’s a trick to get more, as the description (“a plant that multiplies when burned“) intends.
You can throw a Fuzzy Inferno Nip into the fire of the Campsite and … you get two of it! Dragon Princess I is no pushover and the same goes for her items.

 Feline’s Bell [Rank: C]

“Tinkle tinkle. Swaps one’s Love and Lust”

Cat Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

Ring the bell to swap a girl’s Lust with her Love! Useful to keep safe Princesses that start with Lust points by default, even better together with other stat altering items, like the Fuzzy Inferno Nip .

 Cinder Baton [Rank: C]

“Gain additional limbs! Enables dual wielding and increases dodge rate”

Desert Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

Equipping the Cinder Baton will morph the limbs of a party member and power him/her up!

The morphing part will grant the Dual Wield ability and those extra limbs the Dodge Rate will increase by 50%!

 Ghastly Hand Mirror [Rank: C]

“One’s true desires will be reflected on this mirror without fail”

The Ghastly Hand Mirror is an item that has its of uses, but it will truly shine when more “standard” Princesses will have their own routes.

You can find it hidden in the Forgotten Gardens, inside Ghost Princess’ reign.

A creepy garden full of ghosts and a haunted mirror. What more could you want?

The mirror will reveal which Princess you are being most friendly to and, while this is already cute and “d’aww” inducing, it’s not all I’ve got planned for the Ghastly Hand Mirror! It will be able to tell which route you’re close to entering the most!

All the standard Princesses (the ones with a reign of their own, like Human, Slime, Goblin…) will have one or more routes and this mirror will definitely be an item you’ll want in your inventory by then!

 Lump on a Stick [Rank: C]

“A delicious lump of sugary nectar! Soften one’s body~”

This Lump is so nutritious!

You can get it during an event with Insect Princess (after recruiting her). Venture back to the Hive and snatch it from the deepest level of her former “palace”!

[v0.17.1] It can be used to immediately fill a Princess’ belly up to its limit! You’ll get its leftovers too, which you can refill into a Lumpy Stick by Merchant Princess, with a 1000 Swirlies fee.

 Clockwork Core [Rank: B]

“Convert a living being into a golem”

This item is used to proceed in Golem Princess‘ questline, but I’ve got much more planned for it considering how fun “converting into automatons” sounds!

It is now possible to use it to change your “living” Progeny into golems! Make sure you get spare copies of this, since it breaks upon removal, just like the  Lapin Headband!

 Ghost Veil [Rank: B]

“A bridal veil no girl can resist… if offered at the right time”

Ghost Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

The “gives voice to thoughts” ability will become important after Ghost’s rework, as it will become the only way to talk with Ghost Princess, otherwise mute.

We’ll have to change most of the dialogues with her, but this is the direction we’re going to take.

Currently the item can be used to show how serious you are to a Princess: give it to a girl she will agree to elope with you, regardless of the affinity score (the number of  in the Status Screen) you have with her!

 Family Jewels [Rank: C]

“Semen turns into preciousss”

Merchant Princess‘ premium item! She sells it while in the Faun’s Tavern or the Mice Clocktown!
The Family Jewels can make a knight rich, if he knows how to get the most out of it!

If you equip it (only the Knight can and Harvest Princess or Holstaur Princess possibly, if they gets voted to join the main cast) every time the knight cums (during inflitrations, sex in tent, events or anything else) you will get a little amount of money!

But, there’s a couple items it interacts with~

If you’re using a part of the body of a Princess where a Red Thread Ring  is active the Knight won’t get any money, the ring will portal the money to its destination!

What about the Shorty Special  ? “An overflowing amount of seed” in this case translates into “An overflowing amount of money“!
Now the Knight will receive about 1500-2000 Swirly Candies!

If a Red Thread Ring  and the Shorty Special  are both active together the Knight will produce a lot of money but won’t get a single coin for himself! The receiving Princess’ Reign will instead get +1 Wealth !

Needless to say, a Knight equipping it cannot bear children!

 Magic Silk [Rank: B]

“A magical silk that can become almost anything”

After busting up her plans at Golem’s, the cute Drider will offer you her services and provide you the new “Gossamer” set of light armour.

She can also sew the Silk Strings that spiders drop into a new item: Magic Silk!

You’ll be able to combine 10 strings to get a Magic Silk! Now you can activate the thread to transform it into another random dowry! All the items in this page are available!

 Lapin Headband [Rank: B]

“Convert a living being into a rabbit. Revertible effect”

This cute bandana is more powerful than what it shows, and it’s said to be manifactured from a much greater dowry, hidden where only Rabbit Princess knows!

Just by wearing it the appearance of one of your Progeny will change! The boy/girl will be transformed into a rabbit!

Here’s Guile, our test subject! He’s a cute, male, bee-coloured insect. What if we slip a Lapin Headband on his forehead?

Well THAT was unexpected, what if I want my insect back? You can simply remove the Lapin Headband, it will break but your kid will go back to his original race!

Guile looks different now! It’a red ant! Too bad the sex can’t change this way…
Prepare to give millions of Swirly Candies to Rabbit Princess while trying to get the perfect look for your Progeny!

Make sure you get spare copies of this, since it breaks upon removal, just like the  Clockwork Core!

 Breeding Contract (Rabbit) [Rank: C]

“Get a dowry when a Princess delivers one of your Progeny”

[Only equippable by the Knight] Rabbit Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

If you have this contract equipped and a Princess delivers while NOT in your team/harem (meaning she has to be still sitting on her throne) you can use the contract to claim a random dowry from THAT Princess!

It’s one of the few ways (there’s the Magic Silk  too) you can get some of the dowries in this page without having to relay on Dog Princess’ tantrums (only 1 per playthrough) or recruiting the girl!

 Breeding Contract (Goblin) [Rank: C]

“Take the Princess with you when she delivers one of your Progeny”

[Only equippable by the Knight] Goblin Princess will hand it over as you save her from one of Dog Princess’ yandere tantrums or, after you recruit her, the first time you talk to her at the Campsite.

If you have this contract equipped and a Princess delivers while NOT in your team/harem (meaning she has to be still sitting on her throne) you can use the contract to claim the Princess as yours! Goblin rulez!

Since she’s not in your team you might have a hard time trying to guess her expected time of delivery (no diary and no “Egg balloon” that shows she’s ready) and that “Accessory” slot will be occupied by the contract while you wait for it to happen. There had to be a drawback.

If you agree to use the piece of paper upon delivery the contract will expire, her reign will be passed down to her Heir, you will get a new ally and some of the other Princesses (the ones with good Diplomacy scores with the one you claimed) will like you a little less~

Cinder Ribbon [Rank: A]

“Creates a perfect copy of a living being”

I swear I wanted the game to be simpler than this!

The Cinder Ribbon is really something. Upon use (every Cinder Ribbon has only 1 charge) you get a perfect copy of one of your Progeny! A perfect, magically cloned being, indistinguishable from the “original”.

One could call it a day and be satisfied with himself but… what about Princesses?

The result is that the Cinder Ribbon can be used on Princesses too!
You get a Cinder Princess, identical to the original with a shady tinted sprite and portrait!

Cinder Mouse Princess!

You can use it on a Princess in your team or during infilrations!

I have many ideas about how a perfect copy of a Princess could be used, and I’ll surely make them true in later versions (swapping the real Princess with your cinder copy and manage the Kingdom like it’s yours sounds too good to resist).

Withered Cornucopia [Rank: B]

“Population loss and gains are inverted for the reigns holding this!”

Eww! Who would want something like this?!
Well, to begin with, a reign that’s facing armies on many fronts would stop losing Population after running out of Wealth (the wiki page for Mechanics will be back soon enough)!

If you’re feeling naughty you could also gift to a reign that’s having a good time to sabotage it! No Princess knows what this item does, they’ll sense how powerful it is and accept it regardless of the rotting fruits and nuts coming out from it.

Why does nobody knows about it? Let’s just say that the Cornucopia has been where you find it since a loooong time ago. The chest is in Harvest Princess’ granary, known to never have been empty since the founding of her Reign!

Want to get your hands on the Withered Cornucopia? Stop the mills! Who needs food!?

Harvest1.png Cardinal Bell [Rank: A]

“A ring of this bell is enough to change the target’s sex!”

Just how it reads, this item is the secret behind Harvest Princess’ identity!

This video shows how genderbending, introduced with Harvest Princess, works in Princess & Conquest!
It works with either the custom or classic form of Harvest Princess and on all of your Progeny!

To see the genderbent forms of the other Princesses there’s still work to do though!

 Beast Choker [Rank: -]

“Helps keeping the primal instincts of a Princess in check!”

Here’s a couple items introducing a new, greatly anticipated mechanic, it will be fully functional in a while, but it will work thanks to these couple items, mostly the latter.

While the repaired one will be used during the Wyvern’s route, the broken version will be usable by everyone in the cast!

 Cracked Beast Choker [Rank: B]

“DOESN’T help keeping the primal instincts of a Princess in check!”

This Choker was originally meant to keep even a dragon under control, but the broken version just… doesn’t work! And that’s not all, even a calm, composed Princess, while wearing this item will…

/in a distorted 16 bit voice/ “Rise from your grave!”

They will all get a wild/primal form, just for this item! It will be one of the main features coming with, or shortly after, v0.16!

 Starjewel Hairclips [Rank: C]

Each pair equipped by the parents (additionally to giving a nice boost to the special stats) of a yet-to-be-born Progeny increases the chance for him/her of being of an exceptionally rare shiny colour!

★Shine Shine★

Gas_Mask G4sM-ausk [Rank: C]

This top of the line gas mask, model G4sM-ausk, is the only way for the Knight’s team to survive the poisonous areas of the Kingdom Below!

If you have SlimeGolemSkeleton or Ghost Princess leading your party (or a Progeny of that race) you obtain the same effect, though!

Poison does damage over time, it will be close to impossible to survive there without someone that resists it (or being stacked with potions!)

Gorgon Shield [Rank: C]

Here’s a rare piece equipments with a special effect, pretty useful and fun I’d say, that can be obtained only after the chain of events that lead to the opening of the Sunken Ruins!

In addition to its nice defensive stats (mostly Magic Defense) if struck often enough it will auto-cast Fear on your enemies!

 Bone Rattles [Rank: B]

Shake shake! The wearer gains the skill: Samba!

Samba!” will replace the user’s skill! The enemies will burst into dance for a short time and won’t be able to fight back while doing so. It will be used to distract guards too and will have its own sound effect!

Soul Whistle base.png Soul Whistle [Rank: S]

The Putridarium, under the Chapel of Conquest, is now ready

If a Princess accidentally dies you will be able to use the Soul Whistle to get wishes!

 Egg Wish: 1 week duration. Reusable.

 Chicken Wish: 1 time only. Exhausts the Soul. Consider it the parting gift a Princess has in store for the Kingdom.

 The Death Not [Rank: A]

The most basic tool you will need in order to get into Necromancy! Combine up to 7 bones and try to conjure different kinds of skeletons!

At least 1 Skull (any kind will do), 1 Ribcage and 2 arms (arms can be made by specific bones, called “Skeletal Arms“, or by other pieces) are required in order to start!
Every time you conjure a skeleton, though, the Kingdom’s Life Force drops a little, the triumph of death over life becomes a little closer.

Oh! You will need to sign the page of the Death Not with the name of your new companion too!

Bonem Bone Magnet [Rank: C]

This little tool makes it much easier to gather bones!

Just equip it and you will have a chance to drop bones together with the normal loots you get from monsters!

That’s not the only way to get them though, except killing skeletons I’ve added several locations where you can find the bone parts you’ll need, and there’s also a HUGE dungeon where you can farm them freely!

 CREAM [Rank: C]

Found in one of the dragons’ castle, grants immunity to  pipin’ hot temperatues !

Prayer Prayer: Lesser Drake [Rank: C]

A single use item that transforms your Progeny into a “lesser drake”, works on Kobold Princess too!

Blobba, the slime, kept her ample bosom after the transformation. Lucky!

This effect isn’t revertible, unlike the Rabbit1.png Lapin Headband or the Golem1 Mechanical Core you can equip or remove at will!

Prayer Prayer: Purify [Rank: A]

A single use item that completely heals any level of Corruption! You can only get 1 by normal means, so use it with parsimony or work your way around such limitations!

Prayer Prayer: Life Breath [Rank: B]

A single use item that increases the Life Force of the Kingdom by 20.

Undead BEGONE!

Life Force influences the living/undead ratio of the Kingdom’s NPCs, it raises with prolonged wars or scarce food, as it’s to be expected.

(see Mechanics)

The Church of Conquest fights against the undead rising, and that’s why Skeleton Princess’ route will bring you right in the heart of this dispute~

Prize-Winning Carrot [Rank: C]

Counterpart of the  Pious Sash (increases Affinity with Human Princesses by 2), this plump carrot is loved by every animal in the Kingdom, increasing Affinity with Beast Princesses by 2!

Pious Sash [Rank: C]

Counterpart of the Prize-Winning Carrot (increases Affinity with Beast Princesses by 2), this humble sash is easily recognizable and marks the Knight as friend of the Church, increasing Affinity with Living Princesses by 2!

It’s very flimsy though, it’s destroyed upon removal!

Rejuvenating Beads [Rank: C]

Grants a % of health to recover over time.

Its “rejuvenating” effect will become a thing in a later update, now that I’ve successfully made some categories of Progeny sexually “untouchable”.

 Crusader Sword [Rank: A]

Heavily guarded inside the Cathedral, capable of SMITING anyone who errs in the Kingdom Below, breaking the rules the Church of Conquest and the Queen set long time ago.

The sword’s wielder can call forth the Crusade.

Contract1 Breeding Contract (Dragon) [Rank: C]

[Only equippable by the Knight] “The newborn of the Princess you breed with gets sent to Dragon Queen!”

Works only on Princesses still sitting on their thrones. But why would you want to be so cruel?! To part a heir from her royal mother is…

Something that happened all the time. The kid will be growing in the Spire and acquire the skillset he’ll need to be a noble faithful to the Queen in future. You also gain 5000 swirl and 5 Affinity with the Queen!

The mother won’t like it though, and you’ll lose 1 Affinity point with her faction and 1 Relationship point with her.

DB Dragon Boom [Rank: C / B]

The one and only gun in the whole game, for now. Acts both as a melee and a ranged weapon. HOW UNFAIR! Nice.

pew pew pew!

That’s not all though! You can even dual wield it, replacing the “Dragon Boom” skill with the “Boom Dragoon” one, for increased damage and fire rate!

CC Conqueror Crown [Rank: B]

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.”

Doubles the effect of your victories in field battles and sieges. As you flash the crown, symbol of the power of the Dragon Queen over the whole Kingdom, the losers will feel the weight of the defeat to be doubled!

This means you’ll save time while lifting sieges or pushing back armies and that you’ll suffer minor losses of Affinity to reach the same result, as you’ll halve the number of needed battles!

 Queen’s Milk [Rank: A]

“Priceless beverage, milked directly from the Queen’s udders.”

A cup of this milk makes wonders for mothers-to-be!

First, I have to specify that pregnancy now comes with a general debuff for the Princess in wait, with a 33% drop in all her stats! That’s only reasonable, at least for humanoid beings.

Let’s call this status psic.png Pregnancy Sickness.

This kobold is pregnant!

Of course no Queen can allow herself to look weak and vulnerable while waiting to bear her Progeny, that’s why drinking the Queen’s Milk will have various benefical effects:

  • Getting rid of psic.png Pregnancy Sickness, replaced by his positive counterpart, pbu.png Pregnancy Buff, granting a 10% buff to all stats!
  • The Progeny will be of better quality (increased stats growth)!
  • The Progeny will have the curvier/bulkier body type available!

Mothers-to-be will fight like a dragon would to protect her precious cargo!

 Queen’s New Clothes [Rank: A]

“Extremely refined garments. The fabric’s so precious it’s invisible to anyone hopelessly stupid or unfit for his position.”

What a precious costume this is! While completely invisible, anyone wearing it will pretend not to notice! Gift it to your favourite Princess or simply equip it to one of your party members, they’ll be completely naked all the time!

Wearing the Queen’s New Clothes Mouse Princess (custom) doesn’t notice she’s naked!

Voodoo doll Nya Nya Doll [Rank: B.png]

“A cursed and malicious item, decreses LUK by 50% but increases MDF by 50%. May cause long-term effects.”

This cute, but cursed, doll has two kinds of effect!

If equipped it simply raises MDF by 50%, while decreasing LUK by 50%. You will crit less and get critted more often, but you won’t have trouble handling magic and ranged attacks!

It will get more tricky for the bearer if she’s still sitting on her throne though, and you gift her one of these dolls.

Moth Princess got fascinated!

Any Princess under the effect of a Nya Nya Doll and at war against Cat Princess will gradually lose ground and see her Diplomacy with the cat gradually increase!
Go gift everyone a Nya Nya Doll and watch as Cat Princess becomes more and more powerful!

The curse on these toys could also increase the Corruption of the Princesses bearing them, handle with caution!

Goblin Mask.png Green Deceit [Rank: B]

“Oh, you!”

Let’s face it. Goblins are just too cute.
Even when caught red-handed, a goblin will be forgiven for any prank or mischief he makes.

The Green Deceit carries this power!


As long as the Knight wears it, there will be no Affinity losses toward any Princess after fighting her in battle or getting caught while sneaking in her castle!

 Shadow Scarf [Rank: A]

Nin nin~


This scarf is perfect if you want to roleplay as a powerful Ninja, but won’t be easy to get (and to keep~)!
Between its effects there’s a permanent Stealth status, enabling katanas and increasing Dodge Rate by 25%!

PriMinWat Princess’ Spring Water [Rank: -]

Not “special” enough to be called a dowry, this water will certainly come in handy in the moment of need!


You can use it to restore some of the lost END Endurance the Knight spends to have sex, without having to wait for a new day!

Bubbly Soap [Rank: B]

Here’s a handy one if you haven’t got anyone that can swim in your team!

Swimming will become even more important now that we’ll be focusing on the Sea Reigns and areas, but there’s only so many races that can survive underwater, like Skeletons and  the serpent-like Dragons.

A soap bubble will appear around the Knight, depleting the  Bubbly Soap (bring more than 1 with you). While coated (it lasts around 12 seconds) you’ll be able to breath underwater with any character!

Cocca Plume [Rank: C]

Feather from a dangerous Queen Cocca, makes the wearer lighter and increases  flight distance by 50%.

Time-worn Pendant [Rank: ? ]

Seemingly useless, this pendant can be used to revert a Princess to a self he/she has lost.

It won’t work on form changes that come and go as the game goes by, like the ones influenced by Food or other items, but on permanent states that are inflicted to your companions.

These two girls can only be reverted to their former self using this Pendant! Kobold Princess too can be reverted to her Canine form. Were kobolds really like that centuries ago in the Kingdom?

Finhead Jewels [Rank: C]

These precious jewels are sold in the Diamond Seashell and will increase the stats of your Princess and Progeny, mainly  Wealth, by a lot!

Pearl Earrings: Wealth + 3
Coral Necklace: Wealth + 2 Love + 1
Ruby Ring: Wealth + 2 Lust + 1

Suction Urchin [Rank: B]

That’s as pointy as it looks. It’s a mix between a jewel and sealife, with two *very* different effects that are caused by its own nature!

The suction cup increases Lust by 2 while the pointy end completely prevents battlefuck! The perfect way to get a lustful companion that can’t be touched by anyone but the Knight!

Torquoise Piercing [Rank: A]

One the most powerful and tricky dowries from Finhead’s Reign, will become a must for sea-oriented playthroughs.

On the outside, the item’s description plainly states what it does: “Increases Maximum HPs by 25%. Any Princess wearing this will lay eggs!

The HP boost is quite meaty, and the secondary effect is… gimmicky? You get to stock tiny golems, or slimes, into eggs, but what about it?
The fact is, any child born that way gets an perk that’s unaccessible to some races…

The Progeny born from “Torquoise” eggs will be able to Swim!

Candyphage [Rank: B]

Eugh! You actually have to wear this jellyfish on your head for it to be effective.

As long as it’s equipped you’ll stop acquiring Swirlies, the jellyfish will eat them all!
Every 2000 Swirlies “digested” by the Candyphage this way, you’ll be rewarded a Candy Bar worth exactly the same value!

This way you can ignore the 99999 Swirlies limit!
In a scenery where you don’t want to give your candies to the Rattesein, this item is a must!

S.C.R.A.B. [Rank: A / S]

A rare drop from the giant crabs inhabiting the Chiseled Tunnel, this item’s a powerful consumable that makes everything you SCRAB with it more precious, permanently increasing  Wealth by 1!

This tricky one also has a very shiny hidden use!

If you accidentally S.C.R.A.B. and egg with it, what happens it’s that it becomes a jewel~

What hatches from it is a unique race of Progeny you can’t get in any other way! Crystals!

Hero Banner [Rank: S]

Possibly one of the most game-changing items P&C has to offer right now!

The Hero Banner is available by the “Knight’s INC.” counter as will be yours as soon as you reach the 5th rank in the guild!

The banner can be used to convince the NPCs you meet around the Kingdom to join you!

Yellow’s the requirements. Lacking one point in Intellect there, you dummy!

The travelers will only accept if you meet that race’s requirements (or if you have their Princess in your team) and what they need is shown in the cute little graph above~

They can fight for the Knight or do other kinky stuff at night, so you better start going around the Kingdom searching for your fated ones!

Crescent Moon [Rank: C]

Sword the ‘demon queen’ entrusted you. She’s said wielding this will make recruiting new followers easier!

And that’s pretty accurate. This sword (with a faster attack compared to most other swords too) will make playing around with the Hero Banner quite smoother, reducing every NPC requirement to join the Knight by 1!

This imp is the ‘demon queen’, would you believe that?!

Selkie Harp [Rank: B]

Another mysterious instrument (, …)!

This one can transform any Progeny of yours into a mermaid!

Strangely enough, there’s no other way to get a mermaid (except from breeding them), which is a quality shared by no other race except for… Crystals?

How did those filthy merfolk avoid it? Why can’t I get mermaids by using Power Pearls?! Those mysteries will unfold in Mermaid Princess’ route~

Tear Lantern [Rank: C]

This piece of equipment, while only providing a measly +10 in Magic Defense, makes fighting and exploring the depths of the Kingdom much easier!

Ahhh… as bright as it gets, down there!

To forge one of those you’ll need a Mermaid Tear and the help of the Clocktown’s Tinkerer!

Dur’s Leash [Rank: B]

Nick’s Birdcage [Rank: B]