This page will be updated with all the menus you’ll find ingame and what you can do with them, just give it some time, I’ll keep updating it~

The Title Screen

Still in an early development stage, we’ll end up adding ingame stuff to make it look even more appealing, while keeping the P&C style.

The next step will be to make the blue/background part animated, while the pink/foreground part will remain still, showing the game’s Title and Version.

The Status Screen

The most useful menu at your disposition while adventuring!
For every Reign in the game it shows, to the left, how the Princess looks (including the costumes she’s wearing), the active items on her, your relationship with her and, to the right, the reign’s status and the diplomatic relationships between the current reign being shown and the rest of the Kingdom!

Each reign’s stats are shown with the Power , Defense  and Wealth  Icon. The more the better! To know what they do visit the Mechanics Wiki!

The relationship between the different Reigns is shown with different icons:

 War Icon: the two Reigns are at war.

 Tax Icon: the reign is being taxed by the Mouse Reign.

 Food Icon: the reign is being starved by the Harvest Reign.

 Food + War Icon: the reign is being starved AND is at war with the Harvest Reign.

The Progeny Menu

Without this menu it would be impossible to manage all the kids you can get in Princess & Conquest (up to 500!), and with pregnancies becoming more and more a central element of the game its importance is undeniable.

To the left/pink size you’ll see the sprites of your Progeny, while on the right their looks and stats will appear!
The window to the left of the Progeny’s name it’s used to show the original race of the Progeny.
This is more important than it seems: there are MANY ways for one of your Progeny to change race ingame, it would be very difficult to keep track of all the changes otherwise!

The rightmost part of it now shows the Equipment of your Progeny!

And that’s not everything! Now you can also Release your Progeny in the Kingdom and Sort your Progeny by Name, Race or Level!

The Level Up Menu

This is the new menu you’ll be using to distribute the Stat Points you get by leveling up your party members! It will include short descriptions for all the stats, in the final version, and will show the characters portrait, as usual. Difference is, this time we will have to add one for the Knight too!

On the left there’s also the Resistances being shown!

  • Resitance to Cold climates
  • Resistance to Hot climates
  • Resistance to Poison
  • Ability to breath Underwater
  • Ability to Fly

The Quest Menu

There’s already 70+ quests you can complete in Princess & Conquest and you can check the Active/Completed/Failed ones in your playthrough simply by selecting “Quests” in your Pause Screen!

The Rewards, when there’s any, are shown at the bottom of the blue section of the menu, while the Objectives of your quests, if revealed, are marked green or red if you complete or fail to meet them!

I’ve also added a little banner for each quest~

The Garderie Menu

Leave your Progeny in the Bunny Garderie today!

Their sprites will be displayed over the bunny’s counter and the top of the screen will show their face and sex!

Will they like eachother? Will love blossom?

The Slave Auction Menu


During slave auctions in the Goblins Reign this unique menu will appear, showing how much time is left in the auction, the status of your offer gauge bar, and the current highest bid!

The Necromancy Menu

Place bones in the 7 slots, then you’re just one button away from your new and spooky companion!

The avaiable parts can be classified in:

  • Heads
  • Ribcage
  • Arms
  • Extra Bones
  • Horns


The Church of Conquest will provide you with these useful diaries, showing everything about your Princesses:

  • Current look
  • Lewd stats
  • Pregnancy status
  • Corruption
  • Weight

Guts&Gets Menu

A new forging system is in place!

Like lady Drider is showing above, you’ll be prompted with the needed GUTS you will have to sacrifice in order to get those GETS!

It’s usually monster materials combined into powerful items or equipments, so make sure to look for all the NPCs that will let you craft something!

Vesta already has more than 10 items to craft using monster parts!