The poll-winning Life Pearl is the next item to be reworked for v0.13.2 (together with the Bronze Sack, the Warm Ore and the Red Candle) and it will be granted the additional function to switch the race of your “unliving” Progeny into another, randomly chosen, one!

This is how the first test ended up…

Her name was Skelda.
A cute, green-haired, skeleton girl with four arms.
A true delight for the eye, and a flirtatious one, among other things.

I had previously used the Stud’s Draught with Skeleton Princess, as it’s one of the few ways to get her pregnant, and shortly after she was born.

Sometimes the RNG gods bless you with the perfect combination of horns and extra arms, but…

We were sitting around the fire, peacefully. And then a naughty thought:

She only needs a little meat on her bones to be perfect.“, I said to myself.
That Life Pearl could do the trick! Let’s go Skelda!“, I rambled while pulling the poor girl for one of her many arms… how foolish.

As we reached the green-tinted cave I shoved her close to the Life Pearl, and it happened.

The RNG gods didn’t forgive my arrogance, but Skelda… she did nothing wrong! She didn’t deserve this!
I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my days, but there’s still hope for you… do not let your children close to the Life Pearl!

Continues in Chapter 2

I realize it’s hard to keep track of everything, with the development going for long times and things changing as we go, so I’m going to add an internal “Wiki” section in this site, you will be able to access from the  button to the left!

First I’ll start covering the most troublesome items (where/when to find them and their effects), then it will be time for Princesses, enemies, costumesalternative forms, NPCs, places and routes/scenes you can play in the game.

Whoever wants to give his contribution is free to contact me at!

There’s many new items coming after only a couple weeks since v0.13 got released, let’s take a look!

This new item was added thanks to a poll between the Patrons and won by a long shot!

Any Princess equipping this will have her pregnancy speed multiplied by 10!
Even using the “Customization” menu you can only raise it to 3.

Desert Princess with the “Painful Love” costume and “Shining Egg” equipped!

You can equip it on one of your Princesses (Accessory slot) OR gift it to one of the Princesses still sitting on their thrones!
In both cases the effect is the same, prepare to get flooded with cute succubi and satyrs~ (or kutebolds, jellies, goblets…)

Here’s a tricky one!

Just like the Mithril Rings this is an item you can either use on one of your recruited party members OR combine it with Princess Panties to sneak it into a Princess’ wardrobe.

The Bodiless Panties () you get this way can be swapped with the normal ones the Princesses usually leave around in their rooms. They will wear the Bodiless ones until you swap them again, without noticing a thing~

The Moonlight Glass will then magically affect the Princess, making a part of her body (front or rear, depending on where you placed the glass) “selectively corporeal”. Nothing will stick to it!

Kobold Princess has the Moonlight Glass affecting her!

If the Moonlight Glass is set to the front, that Princess won’t be able to get pregnant!

Made with the same material, you can also buy from a merchant in the ghosts’ area the Moonlight Glass Cloak ()!
The party member equipping this cloak will become invisible to enemies (they won’t notice a thing as long as they don’t get attacked), but there’s a condition: it requires moonlight!
It won’t have any effect during daytime or rainy nights!

This is a simpler one! The Princess equipping this item will receive a “small fortune” (several thousands Choco-Dicks) after giving birth. There no such thing as enough money to raise a royal child!

The money will go to the Knight if the Princess is in your team, but if she’s still sitting on her throne it will be spent to replenish the coffers of her Reign (+1 Wealth Points, needed to pay tolls and keep the army running, but it also influences who Dragon Princess I is going to visit next)!


v0.13.1 is less than a week away, I hope you’ll have fun playing and that you’ll like how the development is progressing!