Since the last video raised some questions, these ones are a little more detailed.
You can see how the Egg isn’t an item but a member of your party and how it gets assigned the correct sprite once it hatches!

Back to why you should hatch moths at night… this is what could happen!



Next, I’ll explore some of the options to make eggs hatch even when you’re outside the world map.
Expect another video soon, showing the results!

Time to hatch some eggs! No use soft resetting seconds before it hatches, the content is determined as the mother lays it!

Dragon eggs will be very rare to find until Wyvern Princess joins the cast, you might have better chances with insects, kobolds, moths, lamias or driders.

Patreon, Twitter and Tumblr are all good, but most of the gameplay videos from now on will be uploaded in here, to keep things neat and tidy!