Time to bring out the big guns!

Despina is the mother of all the Dragon Princesses and rules over the whole Kingdom from the time the “War of the Conquest” ended, centuries before the events happening in Princess & Conquest.

She was always on the frontline, leading armies herself through hordes of enemies, earning the many scars she now proudly displays on her powerful body.

DQ full.png
Towering over all the other dragons, the Queen is the mightiest being in the whole Kingdom.

She’s a Zmeu, and Elder Dragon, an extinct and powerful breed capable of transforming freely, but until now she has failed in giving birth to another one of her kind: the Dragon Princesses aren’t like her!

DQ full.png
She looks great even as a HUGE humanoid queen. Yes, she does lay eggs in this form, why do you ask?

Cruel and ironfisted, it is said she has founded the Church of Conquest herself, giving it the task of keeping the Kingdom stable after the “War of the Conquest” was over.
Order is the thing she values and desires the most and she always gets what she wants.

The Queen’s Route will be a thing, narrating the events happened during the “War of the Conquest” that led to the formation of the Kingdom as it currently is.
There, I’ve said it.


Time for another one!

She represents sloth… I guess? Who cares… don’t bother me with this stuff.

While her sisters happily go around causing havoc or build magnificent castles in their honor, she’d rather stay hidden somewhere, spending her time dozing off.

Despite the peaceful look she’s scaringly powerful and sturdy, she could probably beat most of her sisters if she’d manage to set her mind on it.
That won’t happen anytime soon, though, it’d be a drag.

Before looking for her you’d better make sure poisonous areas aren’t an obstacle for your team! Build up that Poison Resistance ABpoison.png!

Here’s the second one!

The massive, scaley, incarnation of Pride.

She prefers to avoid any contact with the external world and likes to dig herself in scientific tomes and also chronicles from the Kingdom. Her dragon gem is the lens she uses even if her vision is perfect. Does it hold any special power?!

She will look down on anybody, being it a larva or another dragon, it doesn’t make a difference to her.

Breaking the ice with her requires some serious effort, but she’s one of the few Princesses with her own ending and her castle has got some new rooms you can explore! Maybe you’ll find something interesting in there!

The bespectacled Princess o’ Ice.

Make sure you wear some warm clothes (try cat and rabbit people) or let someone resisting cold temperatures  ABcold lead the way, else you’ll have a hard time getting there!

Here’s the first!

Each one of the Dragon Princesses will represent a sin, Greed being the first one. As you can expect they won’t be easy to deal with!

She’s incredibly greedy and unwilling to share her treasures.
Can you guess where she’s keeping her Dragon Gem, her most prized treasure and symbol of her status as a royal dragoness?

The Dragon Princesses will be 7:

  • Lacomia, the Greed
  • Mandrya, the Pride
  • Silene, the Sloth
  • Gat’Maw, the Gluttony
  • Szpeta, the Envy
  • Dragostea, the Lust
  • and the unknown Wrath

The game’s world is now big enough for all of them, I’ve already reserved the perfect spot for each one of them~

Ok, let’s get this out of the way, since there’s much I have to show and so so little time to do it!

Today we’ll cover:

  • Moss Princess and how it’s so easy now to make any character playable
  • Upgraded UI for reigns’ military management
  • A shitload of new animations for NPCs and completely new ones incoming

Moss Princess

This cutie right here!


A new, fully functional, Princess joins the cast! She’s well hidden, so you’ll have to find her first!

She’s kind of a loner, loves dark and cramped spaces, but ends up realizing that she’d better rely on the Knight if she wants to find the perfect place for her to feel at home.


Just don’t leave her in the “horrible” Tavern! Too crowded.


(eheh, puns…)

That’s the name of her ability! She doesn’t like to fight at all and if you force her out while there’s enemies around she’ll just…



Only by holding down the appointed skill button (Left-Ctrl is the default one) she’s able to move around and fight while in her “humanoid” form, but just for a limited time.
Normally, in dangerous places, she’ll be that lumpy thing you see above!

Reduced damages, slower movements, but she’s also permanently in stealth mode while in her Lump Form!
You will be able to easily avoid enemies (and guards at the castles’ gates) if she’s in your party!

More playables!

This isn’t a 1-time-only event, I’ve taken care to prepare the whole system that will let us add playable characters to the game at our leisure!

The ones that will likely follow this scheme in the near future could be some of the most loved Princesses that didn’t make it as “main” Princesses!
Next one will be Crystal, and we’ll likely end up polling more between the many lovely girls we have!


Military upgrades UI

Cleaner visuals and accessibility were taken into account as we changed everything there was to change in order to make Princess & Conquest a new experience for everybody!

The cleaner menus, like this one for the military upgrades, show just that.

The stats you can upgrade by paying up large sums of Swirl.png Swirlies to the rabbits are shown both between the choices and in the UI window by the top right corner.
No risk of getting them mixed up, this way!


New Animations

I’ve (as I have personally worked on them) just added, editing and recoloring old animations that would otherwise be left unused:

  • 3 new animations for slime NPCs (deepthroat + vaginal with short/long hair)


  • 1 new animation for goblin NPCs (paizuri )
  • 2 new animations for kobold NPCs (nipple-fuck + anal)


  • 1 new animation for golem NPCs (thighjob)
  • 1 new animation for desert NPCs (footjob)

For a total of ~900 new frames. Truly a work of love.

Akai instead is working on completely new animations for:

  • Cat Princess (reworking the old ones and adding the 3rd one for her!)
  • Human/Harvest NPCs
  • Rabbit Princess

You can judge by yourself: it’s a bunch of stuff!

Right now, as far as animations go, we’ve got all the bases covered, except for Human NPCs and Harvest Princess, that still lack their first animation as of today.

As soon as there’s news I’ll let everybody know! Until next time!

And here’s the last one of the secondary (not-yet-recruitable) girls!

You can check all their release posts through our main page!

Mana, the Arcane Princess has no reign or subjects in this plane of existence, nor does she cares about earthly matters.
She likes instead to play pranks on other Princesses and adventurers by possessing them or giving them visions with her powers, channeled by her tongue, the only recognizeable facial feature she has.

The potential for an adult scene or animation is there, can’t deny it!

Time for another new entry! But first…

The Candy Church

The Church‘s facilities were created to take care of the earthly matters, to handle the lowlives without bothering the superior entities of the Kingdom, acting as the armed hand of the Kingdom Above.

Being in good terms with the Candy Church is the only(?) way to reach the Kingdom Above, after all!

There will be new characters added to this faction, mostly guarding the borders or patrolling the Kingdom Above itself!

Whoever doesn’t comply to their rule will have to face retialation and, needless to say, there’s no talking them out of it.

Crusader Princess

Does she looks like someone you can reason with? Exactly! You can’t, you infidel!

After you first meet her she’ll start causing troubles for the Princesses that get too powerful in the Kingdom’s balance. Noone is allowed to get powerful enough to challenge the higher ups!

That just won’t do! How dare they try to reach for the sky?!

As soon as our budget permits it, get ready for a lot of nun NPCs!

And at last, as promised…

The sexiest drunkard is getting her first animation!

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What would you do if the meteor you’re part of crashed on a new planet’s surface and that energy caused you to gain a conscious mind?

  • Declare yourself the Princess of the rock you’re stuck into
  • Do nothing all day
  • Be cute while doing so

Well, this girl does all 3!!


Ametrine, the Crystal Princess, is a living rock that came from outer space and caused this big hole on her way here…

…well, good for us, since that’s one of the few passages leading to the Kingdom Below!

Beware though, I’ve just flooded that cave-like part of the Kingdom with poisonous gas, you might want to take precautions!

Did you know? Slime, Golem, Skeleton and Ghost Princess take no damage from the poisonous fog of the Kingdom Below!

Oh no! I almost forgot! She has citrine nipples and belly-button! It’s important!

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Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!

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