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Things are starting to pile up, so I’d rather show some of the new stuff now instead of doing all of it on release!

  • Courtesan costumes are ready! Look good AND be allowed to enter the Queen’s Spire! Quite hard to get, though~

I’ll have the first half of the set ready with this release!

They’re all given after special events or quests, meant to show how things can get bad when Courtesans appear to ruin your day! A lot of funny interactions and added variety~

  • Finhead is officially in SOON status, it’s all about the final touches now!
  • New guy-on-“guy” animations for Harvest Princess and Goblin NPCs!
  • Wailing Ghosts will appear in various places when Life Force lowers enough, with cool rewards as further decreasing Life Force, a completely new  Prayer: Final Goodbye and even  Filled Princess Urns!
  • Huge rework of how the costumes are handled. The game now uses its assets smartly, for a reduced chance of errors and way less work to add new costumes!
  • Quest Previews! It was about time, now you can check the description of the quests the Knights INC. offers before accepting them.
  • Every Princess has now her own different lines for Campsite and Tavern while in her alternative form!
  • 60+ bugfixes and adjustments, like fixed battle HUD colors, reworked Life Force balance, weapon prices, item drops abusing and more!

This and much more is about to be ready! Look forward to it!