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REBRAND: Princess & Conquest!

We’re currently rebranding the game, the new title is Princess & Conquest and we’re also changing the look of the main girls!

Here’s the progress status:

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses

Here’s a couple new mechanics, already completely developed, that I’ve added in the last week.

Life Force

Simply put: the balance between the living and the dead.

If it rises, during your travels you will more likely meet one of the many living races that populate the Kingdom.

If there’s too many wars, or famine spreading (pestilence soon?), the Kingdom’s Life Force will drop and you will find way more NPCs of undead races!

It will naturally float to reflect the Kingdom’s status but, as you’ll see in this post, there will be other tricks to influence it, for better or worst.

Soul Wishes

All the wishes for the Putridarium are ready!

  • EggW Egg Wish: 1 week duration. Reusable.
  • ChickenW Chicken Wish: 1 time only. Exhausts the Soul. Consider it the parting gift a Princess has in store for the Kingdom.

If a Princess accidentally dies (and you didn’t trap her soul like Bill Murray would have done) you will be able to use the Soul Whistle to get wishes!


Here’s all of them.

Human Princess

  • EggW Tea Festival EggW

For a week, doubles the chance of positive events during Tea Parties.

  • ChickenW Army: March! ChickenW

Increase the sword Power of all Reigns by 2!

Slime Princess

  • EggW Slimy Alchemy EggW

For a week, using any healing item could grant a random stat increase to the user.

  • ChickenW Life Outburst ChickenW

To all your undead Progeny will be granted Life and Kingdom’s Life Force increases by 100!

Golem Princess

  • EggW Golem Rocks EggW

For a week, breaking rocks can reward you unusual items.

  • ChickenW Impossible Love ChickenW

Recieve the Galatea set of armor and fist weapon!

Insect Princess

  • EggW Ripening EggW

For a week, eggs will hatch twice as fast.

  • ChickenW Baby Boom! ChickenW

Increase all Reigns’ Population by 200!

Skeleton Princess

  • EggW Killing Wish EggW 

For a week, killing enemies  has a chance to increase your Affinity with Undead races.

  • ChickenW Death: March! ChickenW

Decrease the Kingdom’s Life Force by 200!

Desert Princess

  • EggW Corruption Resilience EggW

For a week the Corruption of your party members won’t increase during fights.

  • ChickenW Kingdom Erotica! ChickenW

Increase the Kingdom Lewdness by 30!

Ghost Princess

  • EggW Impregnable Nights EggW

For a week, no Reign can fall by siege during night-time.

Just like ghosts at peak performance!
  • ChickenW Soul Transfer! ChickenW

Resurrect one dead Princess under your control!

Goblin Princess

  • EggW Goblin Shark EggW

For a week, increase the swirl.png Swirlies gains by 25%.

  • ChickenW Capitalism! ChickenW

Increase the coin.png Wealth of all Reigns by 3!

Moth Princess

  • EggW Rising Dark EggW

A week-long night.

  • ChickenW Friendship! ChickenW 

Increase all Reigns’ Diplomacy by 5!

Cat Princess

  • EggW Cat Nap EggW

For a week, sleeping in inns grants your whole team a 10% bonus to all stats! Reverts if you sleep at the Campsite or you’re outside at 6 a.m.

  • ChickenW Black Cat Curse! ChickenW

Curse the Cat Reign! Who’s controlling it may suffer grave losses!

Those pesky moths don’t know what they’re in for!

Mouse Princess (currently unkillable)

  • EggW Scavenging Talent EggW

For a week, increase the chance of enemies dropping items and equipments by 25%.

  • ChickenW High Walls! ChickenW

Increase the shield.png Defense of all Reigns by 2!

Rabbit Princess

  • EggW Motherly Instinct EggW

For a week, increase the quality of the newborn Progeny.

  • ChickenW Heir Rush! ChickenW

Every Princess still sitting on her throne will get pregnant!

Harvest Princess

  • EggW Sunny Disposition EggW

For a week, only Hot days and no food.png Food shortage for any Reign.

  • ChickenW  Fertile Lands! ChickenW

Two new Fertile Fields will appear, granting food.png Food to the Reigns controlling them!

*poof* The bunnies are now well fed!

I will now proceed to add an additional page to the Status Screen, to show hidden stats like the Kingdom Lewdness, the Life Force and more. It won’t be available from the beginning of the game, but it will prove itself useful if you want to tune the Kingdom as you wish!

Coincidence or not, it’s all about dead stuff! Let’s cover some of the changes made during these Holidays!

Skeleton Princess rework

Skeleton gal got most of her questline rewrote, together with the addition of a new dowry!

The Bone Rattles

Even more importantly, her first route is now being added!
Will the Knight convince the spooky lady to marry him?

Only the dead will see.

Ghost Princess rework

This one goes way deeper:

  • She’s now completely mute.
  • Her reign is now surrounded by a barrier during nighttime, making it invincible and inaccessible.

  • You can destroy such thing~
  • Her route will also unlock after you successfully break the barrier!


Together with a complete overhaul of her pre-recruitment questline several additions have been made. New hidden areas to visit, new quests and a completely new item that will be shown today for the first time!

Before talking about it, though, it’s better if I introduce: 

The Putridarium

Death is not the end.

Under the Chapel you will now find a bunch of coffins, most of the empty at the beginning of the game, except for one.

If one of the Princesses dies during a playthrough her corpse will be sent in one of those coffins and guarded by the Church of Conquest. It will also possible to read about the cause of the Princess’ death by checking her coffin!

And now: how to use them!? Because there’s great power in Princess’ Souls, isn’t that obvious?


If the soul of a dead Princess is still somewhere around the Kingdom, it will definitely answer the whistle’s call!
Keep in mind that if you “accidentally” kill a Princess and take her Soul for yourself, that one won’t be able to reach the Putridarium!

Once they answer the call, you will be able to ask them one out of two wishes, for each little soul! There’s 2 kinds of wishes:

  • Egg wish: its effect lasts 1 week. Doesn’t consume the Soul.
  • Chicken wish: immediate effect. Consumes the Soul.

Some examples:

  • Harvest Princess / EGG: 1 week of sunny weather / CHICKEN: +100 Population to all the Reigns
  • Goblin Princess / EGG: 1 week with upped Fertility for all the Princesses / CHICKEN: +3 Wealth to all the Reigns
  • Ghost Princess / EGG: 1 week of Safe Nights (no Reign can fall under a siege during night-time) / CHICKEN: Resurrect 1 Princess and recruit her
  • Moth Princess / EGG: 1 week-long night / CHICKEN: +5 Diplomacy between all the Reigns

And so on… funny stuff to make every playthrough even more different if someone accidentaly kicks the bucket!

Of course when I said that there’s a coffin already available at the beginning of the game I was talking about Ghost’s, but that doesn’t mean that the whistle will be found on her~


I hope you’re as excited as I am! Happy New Year, we’ll deal with the lawsuit soon and get back building the most fun eroge ever~


On that note, while we wait for Wyvern‘s dedicated animations, she already has 2 made with her unique pallette!

Faun‘s new adult scene will also get added in the first possible occasion, Akai’s giving the finishing touches to his new animation!


Remember that is always possible to make a voluntary donation or a tip to us, until our funding platforms are back online!


Tipping us in here is also much appreciated!


Packing everything up for the upcoming release, that I want to be ready for the moment the lawsuit is over, but that’s no fun for the most part, so I’ve already started working on more on the side.

These additions won’t push the date further ahead, I’ll just put them on hold if I don’t manage to finish them up in time, so enjoy the preview and don’t forget to send us your feedback~

Moss Princess

  • Personality: Hikikomori
  • Location: ???
  • Ability: Agoraphobia

Didn’t see her coming, huh? Well, that’s part of her charm!

I’ve come out with a (much) faster way to make secondary Princesses playable and she’s our test subject! Consider her as a special looking Progeny, because that’s how she’ll be treated by the game engine.

She will have her own dialogue lines being played while she’s at the Campsite or in the Tavern and a very special ability, but that’s it for now! No additional work is required to have her ready to be recruited in your team!


I’ve almost finished rewriting the dialogues and events regarding Skeleton Princess, the english was terrible and I needed to prepare the way for her new dowry, the  Bone Rattles!

The rattles already work perfectly, I just need the “Samba!” visual and sound effect to call myself 100% satisfied.
As you can see by the HUD in the top-left corner the “Samba!” ability replaces the Player’s (so no shield block for the Knight, or dodge for Kobold), but that’s the only setback to a deliciously OP dowry~

I’ll start reworking in the same fashion Ghost Princess next week, but her reign has already got an important new upgrade!

During nighttime, as long as you haven’t dealt with its cause yet, her Mansion will be surrounded by a barrier that makes it inaccessible!

More about it:

  • You won’t be able to enter her place, not even during sieges
  • Enemy reigns won’t be able to conquer her reign by sieging it
  • During daytime, or after you destroy the barrier, the Mansions won’t have that bonus anymore
  • All the other places in her reign will remain accessible, regardless of the barrier (you can see in the .gif above how the Inn is not surrounded by the barrier)

Besides what presented today, I’d rather not add anything more to v0.16, the first playable version of Princess & Conquest, so I’ll keep some of the new content we are preparing locked until future releases, when I’ll have time to test it out thoroughly.

Christmas will be a busy time, but there will be surely more updates on our status by then.


Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation! It would be greatly appreciated!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!


Between the myriad of things we’re taking care of right now, we didn’t forget about the FUN stuff!

Here’s 3 new items that will surely vary the gameplay even more! Thanks to Tsu as always for the awesome icons!

  • Gas_Mask G4sM-ausk

This top of the line gas mask, model G4sM-ausk, is the only way for the Knight’s team to survive the poisonous areas of the Kingdom Below!

If you have Slime, Golem, Skeleton or Ghost Princess leading your party (or a Progeny of that race) you obtain the same effect, though!

Poison does damage over time, it will be close to impossible to survive there without someone that resists it (or being stacked with potions!)

  •  Gorgon Shield

Here’s a rare piece equipments with a special effect, pretty useful and fun I’d say, that can be obtained only after the chain of events that lead to the opening of the Sunken Ruins!

In addition to its nice defensive stats (mostly Magic Defense) if struck often enough it will auto-cast Fear on your enemies!

  •  Bone Rattles

Shake shake! The wearer gains the skill: Samba!

Samba!” will replace the user’s skill! The enemies will burst into dance for a short time and won’t be able to fight back while doing so.
They will also be used to distract guards and will have their own sound effect!

Welcome back!

A lot to report, both game-wise and about what’s happening around this project!

New Quest Journal

Here’s the look of the updated Quest Journal, now with banners (37 different ones are ready, over the 60 we need) that fit the main location and characters you’ll meet during it!

Every time a new piece of the UI gets adjusted to the game’s new look I end up asking myself why didn’t I do it sooner. It was the same this time too.

New faction and castle: the Queen in the Sky

There’s Princesses, and then there’s Queens.

With unmatched power and iron… claw… the Queen and her dragon knights reign over the whole Kingdom! The strangest bunch accompanies them and those power hungry characters won’t hesitateto make use of the Knight for their own personal gain!

You won’t be able to walk in just like that without being seen as an intruder, first you’ll have to prove your worth to the Queen’s men (there’s 3 new quests for that purpose~)!

The castle already has a lot of rooms and a bunch of characters are going to be made to inhabit it!

New Meeting Spots

There’s “quantity“, there’s “quality“, and then there’s “QUANTITY

More than 100 new unique dialogues for these 2 zones: the Civil Ship and the Queen’s Inner Court!
As usual you may be able to meet (and fuck) every kind of character in there, with the usual unusual twists!

You may be able to find on the Civil Ship (normally dressed/swimsuit/naked) every race that isn’t at war with the region of departure or arrival of the ship!

No race is restricted when it comes to the Queen’s Inner Court, but watch your back! Noone know what those characters had to do in order to be allowed in there!

New Scenes (last week only)

  • Wyvern Princess main route is now 60% complete
  • Added Cat x Insect fluff scene

New Items (listing the ones with special effects only)

  • Gorgon Shield (part of the Medusa Armaments set): chanche to cause Fear upon blockin melee hits.
  • Prize-winning Carrot: +2 Affinity with Beast Princesses (Cat,Dog,Mouse,Rabbit and Goblin if Bugbear)

New places and lore

The Monastery hosts the higher ups of the Church! In P&C they act as the armed “claw” of the Queen, controlling the vast Kingdom on her behalf. They are involved in Wyvern’s route, so we’ll definitely see more of them soon, including new staple NPCs!



In the Pantheon the last heroes that valiantly fought against the Tyrant are being held… captive? Are they even alive?

Will the Knight manage to wake them up from their deathless slumber?



Status Update

Things are moving, and we’re absolutely confident the solution is near! This week might be a good one to finally be able to share some good news!


Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!


I swear they get better and better every single time. Pixelmancery…

She will have her own adult scene! It’s currently being written.


Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!


More world expansion to show!

Couldn’t bring myself to work on anything else than COLD AF locations and maps, but I also had other reasons to do so!
The icy region to the North, while already existing, has been expanded a lot with Wyvern‘s arrival, and it needed to be reachable and explorable in more than the usual ways.

We already saw (here) how the icy region can now also be reached by boat, that’s why I needed a way to link the two islands without the use of any form of Flight!

Flight requires Wyvern Princess or quite a lot of farming for the Cucco Wings, that’s why in most cases an alternative route will be available (but won’t always be there).

More maps means more places for events and NPCs, and I took care to include spots for some interesting stuff.

The monsters in here won’t be THAT strong, but the place itself will be dangerous to get through.

There’s an underwater pool you have to traverse. There’s sea between the two islands, afterall!

I’ve done the math: there’s 53 new maps compared to the latest pre-rebranding version, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun exploring all these new places we’ve worked so hard to bring you!

Soon enough I’ll show new items and new Progeny mechanics, meant to populate the game world in ways you’ve never seen anywhere else.

No cake is complete without candles to blow on top of it!

That’s why, while I’ve just finished adding the Bunny Garderie to the game, as the new method for breeding HUNDREDS of different warriors, ghouls, ghosts and dragons you can use in your team, I didn’t stop!

What happens behind the curtain?

The answer, only for your eyes, in this video!!

Voyeurism is not a knightly thing to do, at all!
But YOU decide which kind of knight you want to be in Princess & Conquest. See if I care!

Now the pairing…

Spica/Desert/F  Boio/Harvest/M

You can see that, while the Desert and Harvest Progeny aren’t strictly the same race, they’ll eventually breed with eachother, to give the player a new character that will belong to the mother‘s race!

Cute daughter, mommier than her mom.

Next steps will be:

  • Progeny release into the wild (500 slots are a lot, but they DO finish)!
  • Abilities and breeding for them!

🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇

Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping in my personal page here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude and maybe a couple extras!

🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅

Like I said before, I wanted the game world to feel more… real? Fleshed out? There’s now many more hidden routes linking distant areas, mostly underground, while reigns on sea or lake shores can now also be reached by boat!

Riding one will cost you a small fee and an ingame day will pass while you ride it, but you’ll save a good deal of time compared to having to travel by foot!
Of course if you’re able to Fly you won’t need to ride boats as much, but you may still want to do it to meet the NPCs that will be there it with you! (naked/swimsuit sunbathing chance UP)

The first 3 linked locations are:

Slime Reign docks

Cat Reign docks

Frozen Stick Village docks

Like I’ve said before, this Civil ship won’t be able to reach forbidden or wild places, like the Pirate ship does for the Gazer Prison and the Beach, but (if you won’t have a character that can swim) it will be the easier way to reach the first of the reigns of the Water World Map!

It’s either boat, flight or you swim there!

Of course not everyone will be allowed to ride the boat there and if the Sea Reign will get in too many wars the ship may stop going there completely!
However, it will be enough for the enemy reigns to conquer the Port to the North of the map and the Sea Reign will be considered conquered!

I’ll spend the next days or so on the Boat NPCs, then back on more events (Faun adult scene, Cat X Insect scene and another step for Wyvern’s route)!

🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇  🡇

Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but eternal gratitude!

🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅  🡅

Video preview of some of the many new areas in the game!

Some of the stuff shown in the video includes:

  •  Starjewel Hairclips

  • Each pair equipped by the parents (additionally to giving a nice boost to the special stats) of a yet-to-be-born Progeny increases the chance for him/her of being of an exceptionally rare shiny colour!


  • ★Shine Shine★

The first port is now ready!
Dock areas will also be added to the Slime and Cat Reigns, while we wait for the merfolks to get added in the game. Boats will be the only way to reach the water-themed reigns, if you lack a party member that can swim!

The plump moth lady getting rescued at the end was too good to not be shared!


Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but ramblings and eternal gratitude!

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