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Princess & Conquest!

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses

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Here’s the second one!

The massive, scaley, incarnation of Pride.

She prefers to avoid any contact with the external world and likes to dig herself in scientific tomes and also chronicles from the Kingdom. Her dragon gem is the lens she uses even if her vision is perfect. Does it hold any special power?!

She will look down on anybody, being it a larva or another dragon, it doesn’t make a difference to her.

Breaking the ice with her requires some serious effort, but she’s one of the few Princesses with her own ending and her castle has got some new rooms you can explore! Maybe you’ll find something interesting in there!

The bespectacled Princess o’ Ice.

Make sure you wear some warm clothes (try cat and rabbit people) or let someone resisting cold temperatures  ABcold lead the way, else you’ll have a hard time getting there!



Here’s the first!

Each one of the Dragon Princesses will represent a sin, Greed being the first one. As you can expect they won’t be easy to deal with!

She’s incredibly greedy and unwilling to share her treasures.
Can you guess where she’s keeping her Dragon Gem, her most prized treasure and symbol of her status as a royal dragoness?

The Dragon Princesses will be 7:

  • Lacomia, the Greed
  • Mandrya, the Pride
  • Silene, the Sloth
  • Gat’Maw, the Gluttony
  • Szpeta, the Envy
  • Dragostea, the Lust
  • and the unknown Wrath

The game’s world is now big enough for all of them, I’ve already reserved the perfect spot for each one of them~

Just like we did for the Church of Conquest last week, let’s take a look to another faction: the Queen‘s!

Involving yourself with them won’t be easy and likely won’t get yourself the friendship of the other lowly Princesses, but it comes with some truly nice trinkets!

Too bad they won’t let you in at first.

Finding the castle, the “Queen’s Spire“, won’t prove itself difficult, if you manage to reach the Kingdom Above. Too bad they’re not that interested into becoming friends with the Knight, and the Guild doesn’t offer quests to improve your Affinity with them from the get go!

Symphaty for the Tyrant

Once you get the cooperation of a certain impish character, the Guild will start offering you quests that reward the needed Affinity! However, those missions will certainly end up messing someone else’s plans.

What the Queen desires the most is order. She doesn’t want lowly Princesses fighting and gaining power without her supervision, that’s why she wants you to enforce the Queen’s peace, asking any knight that wants to be regarded as a faithful one to:

  • win field battles
  • stop sieges
  • make reigns fall (without rescuing the Princess)

The currency of the Tyrant

Being powerful, spoiled and living in a castle on the clouds could alter your values. Or so the lowlives say.

The Kingdom’s currency, the delicious swirl Swirlies, do not circulate in the Queen’s Spire. After all who lives in there already has all his wishes granted and no measly merchant can enter the castle, what would be the point of having candies sitting around?

That of course doesn’t mean the prideful, egoistical, rude, residents of the Spire have no desire.
Lately a limited edition sweet, the qpi Queen Praline has gotten quite popular! The nobles of the Spire would do anything to get their hands on some and having just 1 of them in your inventory grants you free access to the castle, regardless of your Affinity with the Queen!


As we’ve said, money doesn’t circulate here, that’s why you’ll have to use your own hard-earned Affinity with the Queen’s faction in order to buy delicious chocolate!

Be aware, though. Since their stock is limited, as you hold more qpi with you, keeping them outside the Spire’s market, the price you’ll pay for another one increases!

Be glad, though. Since their stock is limited, as you hold more qpi with you, keeping them outside the Spire’s market, the value they’ll have to the nobles increases!

That’s the whole point. The nobles will trade Pralines for unique treasures!

The treasures of the Tyrant

I wanted this new set of items to reflect the attitude of this faction!
Power! Arrogance! Domination!

  • Contract1 Breeding Contract (Dragon) [Rank: C]

[Only equippable by the Knight] “The newborn of the Princess you breed with gets sent to Dragon Queen!”

Works only on Princesses still sitting on their thrones. But why would you want to be so cruel?! To part a heir from her royal mother is…

Something that happened all the time. The kid will be growing in the Spire and acquire the skillset he’ll need to be a noble faithful to the Queen in future. You also gain 5000 swirl and 5 Affinity with the Queen!

The mother won’t like it though, and you’ll lose 1 Affinity point with her faction and 1 Relationship point with her.

  • DB Dragon Boom [Rank: C / B]

The one and only gun in the whole game, for now. Acts both as a melee and a ranged weapon. HOW UNFAIR! Nice.


That’s not all though! You can even dual wield it, replacing the “Dragon Boom” skill with the “Boom Dragoon” one, for increased damage and fire rate!

  • CC Conqueror Crown [Rank: B]

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill.”

Doubles the effect of your victories in field battles and sieges. As you flash the crown, symbol of the power of the Dragon Queen over the whole Kingdom, the losers will feel the weight of the defeat to be doubled!

This means you’ll save time while lifting sieges or pushing back armies and that you’ll suffer minor losses of Affinity to reach the same result, as you’ll halve the number of needed battles!

  • QM Queen‘s Milk [Rank: A]

“Priceless beverage, milked directly from the Queen’s udders.”

A cup of this milk makes wonders for mothers-to-be!

First, I have to specify that pregnancy now comes with a general debuff for the Princess in wait, with a 33% drop in all her stats! That’s only reasonable, at least for humanoid beings.

Let’s call this status psic.png Pregnancy Sickness.

This kobold is pregnant!

Of course no Queen can allow herself to look weak and vulnerable while waiting to bear her Progeny, that’s why drinking the Queen’s Milk will have various benefical effects:

  • Getting rid of psic.png Pregnancy Sickness, replaced by his positive counterpart, pbu.png Pregnancy Buff, granting a 10% buff to all stats!
  • The Progeny will be of better quality (increased stats)!
  • The Progeny will have the curvier/bulkier body type available!

Mothers-to-be will fight like a dragon would to protect her precious cargo!

  • ENC Queen’s New Clothes [Rank: A]

“Extremely refined garments. The fabric’s so precious it’s invisible to anyone hopelessly stupid or unfit for his position.”

What a precious costume this is! While completely invisible, anyone wearing it will pretend not to notice! Gift it to your favourite Princess or simply equip it to one of your party members, they’ll be completely naked all the time!

Wearing the Queen’s New Clothes Mouse Princess (custom) doesn’t notice she’s naked!

That’ll be everything for now, next I’ll show some new Dowries for old factions that needed new quirks!

Centuries before the events of Princess & Conquest, the dragons enstablished they were far too important to directly govern over earthly matters, that’s why they founded the Church of Conquest, in charge of celebrating their greatness and keeping the masses at bay.
Over the passing years that balance changed though, the Church’s increasing power and influence over people of all races has become something even the Queen has a hard time dealing with.
The higher echelons, with the pretext of keeping firm the Queen’s rule over the “Kingdom Below”, now use their influence to suggest the tyrant what would be best for the royal family. Suggestions even the Queen has to consider.

The Church of Conquest is, all in all, a new faction of the game, but won’t be directly ruled by a Princess or partake in war against the queen’s subjects.

They’re enstablished in the Chapel and the Sky Lift in the Northern Region and, while the leaders reside in the Queen’s castle, the cult’s base is the Monastery of Conquest, in the Kingdom Above.

Not far from each other, the Monastery and the Queen’s Castle.

The Monastery of Conquest

A huge complex of buildings that would make any Princess’ castle pale in comparison. And it’s sitting on soft, white clouds!

From the main hall any visitor is allowed to enter the Library (that will soon host an important NPC), while the Graveyard, the Torture Chambers, the Royal Archives and the Cathedral aren’t open to any knight passing by!

The Cathedral, the most important religious building in the Kingdom.

A basic look to the main areas of the Monastery, what you can find in each one is VERY different!

The Torture Chambers a.k.a. the BDSM dungeon for unruly nuns~

Only dragons, lamias (the noblest races) and humans (the most widespread race) are allowed to enroll as nuns and serve the Church of Conquest.
As a result, you will only find those races of NPCs in the Monastery.

Just as any other faction, there’s special items you will only be able to find or buy in their premises. There’s a lot of them, actually!
Most of the icons are the next on the line to get done.

(I’ve started giving ranks to items, it helps keeping things balanced or unbalancing them in the right way, depending on the occasion! I’ve updated the Items page with the complete ranking! The ranks are C/B/A/S, only a couple got an S for now~)

  • Purifying Salts

A simple consumable. Reduces Corruption by 2, as long as it isn’t 10.

  • Prayer Prayer: Lesser Drake [Rank C]

A single use item that transforms your Progeny into a “lesser drake”, works on Kobold Princess too!

Blobba, the slime, kept her ample bosom after the transformation. Lucky!

This effect isn’t revertible, unlike the Rabbit1.png Lapin Headband or the Golem1 Mechanical Core you can equip or remove at will!

  • Prayer Prayer: Purify [Rank A]

A single use item that completely heals any level of Corruption! You can only get 1 by normal means, so use it with parsimony or work your way around such limitations!

  • Prayer Prayer: Life Breath [Rank B]

A single use item that increases the Life Force of the Kingdom by 20.

Undead BEGONE!

Life Force influences the living/undead ratio of the Kingdom’s NPCs, it raises with prolonged wars or scarce food, as it’s to be expected.

(see Mechanics)

The Church of Conquest fights against the undead rising, and that’s why Skeleton Princess’ route will bring you right in the heart of this dispute~

  • Pious Sash [Rank C]

Counterpart of the Prize-Winning Carrot (increases Affinity with Beast Princesses by 2), this humble sash is easily recognizable and marks the Knight as friend of the Church, increasing Affinity with Living Princesses by 2!

It’s very flimsy though, it’s destroyed upon removal!

  • Rejuvenating Beads [Rank C]

Grants a % of health to recover over time.

Its “rejuvenating” effect will become a thing in a later update, now that I’ve successfully made some categories of Progeny sexually “untouchable”.

  • Crusader Sword [Rank A]

Heavily guarded inside the Cathedral, capable of SMITING anyone who errs in the Kingdom Below, breaking the rules the Church of Conquest and the Queen set long time ago.

The sword’s wielder can call forth the Crusade.

Expect an equal number of items for the Queen’s faction and to piss off many lowly Princesses while serving her!
Why would you even want to do that?! Who knows…

Here’s a basic introduction to an important new mechanic!


I love how ductile this project has become, in just some days of work something completely new and well integrated with the game around it can be added. Shit’s fun.

In the chest you can only find the most basic components to conjure a new friend, but just how convenient is that?!

Whether you want it to become another soldier in your army or a fuck-buddy, whether you want to adopt it or to resurrect it into another race, everything is already possible out-of-the-box!

Needless to say, Necromancy will play an important role in the Skeleton Princess’ route I’m currently working on (“I will (not) marry you“), there’ll be time to talk about it once I’ll have dealt with its next step!

Two new items, not counting the various kinds of bones you will find in dungeons, have been added for this new mechanic:

  • dean The Death Not 

The most basic tool you will need in order to get into Necromancy! Combine up to 7 bones and try to conjure different kinds of skeletons!

At least 1 Skull (any kind will do), 1 Ribcage and 2 arms (arms can be made by specific bones, called “Skeletal Arms“, or by other pieces) are required in order to start!
Every time you conjure a skeleton, though, the Kingdom’s Life Force drops a little, the triumph of death over life becomes a little closer.

Oh! You will need to sign the page of the Death Not with the name of your new companion too!

  • Bonem Bone Magnet

This little tool makes it much easier to gather bones!

Just equip it and you will have a chance to drop bones together with the normal loots you get from monsters!

That’s not the only way to get them though, except killing skeletons I’ve added several locations where you can find the bone parts you’ll need, and there’s also a HUGE dungeon where you can farm them freely!



Lastly, look forward to next week.

There’s a lot of work to do, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go and dig myself deeper in it!

Hammerhead Port

The first location you’ll reach while visiting the shores of the Kingdom! It’s a crucial location to reach all the sea-related Reigns (legally, at least)!

Here’s an early version of the map and the first sketch of the Princess that rules and manages customs in the Port!
It’s a WIP, there’s already many changes I’ve planned for her.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is HammerPort2.png
Hammerhead Princess! *SHA SHA*

The Hammerhead Sharks are vassals of the Princess of all(?) Seas, they keep the port safe and stop the armies that would like to reach their ruler!

Hammerhead Princess is the top dog in Hammerhead Port.
She and her buff subjects make sure ships are free to come and go freely, provided they’re friends of Sea Princess!

Honest and hard-working, can become scary quickly if you try to trick or elude her. Hammerhead sharks are very territorial, you’ve been warned!

There are many facilities in this area, but my favourite one (and the only one that’s ready! ha ha) is certainly…

The Golden Stump

Hideout (not much hidden) of the hag of the seas, Pirate Princess!

The girl amassed a huge amount of preciouses during her life of raids!
Now that she’s past her prime she has chosen to use part of it for a “good cause”.

Her enstablishment, the Golden Stump, gives work to boys and girls from the Kingdom that lost one of their limbs (just like her)!
Damaged goods” would have no place in a warring Kingdom, not even to be sold as slaves, but she’s better than that!
They can work in her club, dancing, serving drinks and having fun with their hosts, swarming from all over the Kingdom just to spend time with them!

There’s adult events and unique dialogues for all NPCs races, like usual! it’s a huge work every time, but it’s so worth it!

Do not mind the sharks swimming under the dancefloor, they’re well trained, more or less.

Look at the sea…

I’m really satisfied with this portual area and the characters that you’ll find in it.
Like, really. It’s one of my favourite areas as of today and there’ll be plenty of things to do and see.
It was fun and challenging building it so it would be both credible and quirky, I know you’ll love it.

Back to a more general view, the seas in Princess & Conquest are big enough to host 2 (of the remaining 7) main Reigns:

The Sea Reign

Ruled by Sea Princess, highly civilized, powerful but mostly peaceful, built in order to be able to host water and land creatures.
The Princess rules also over the sharks of Hammerhead Port, so you can expect her to be powerful and intimidanting enough to rule over those fierce creatures of the sea!
If war breaks, the Sea Reign will be reachable by the other Princesses in the Kingdom only if they deal with Hammerhead Princess first!

The Abyss/Deep Sea Reign

Ruled by Abyss Princess, it’s only accessible to water creatures.
Aggressive towards its neighbours, will try to raid the Reigns that made the mistake to put tents too close to the Kingdom’s shores!
While the other Princesses can defend themselves from their assaults, they won’t be able to move their troops underwater and siege the Abyss.
Sea Princess is the only exception to this rule.

While the port is close to be ready, the rest of the Sea Reigns will get done if this biome happens to be the one winning next poll!
I’ll send word when the time to vote comes!

Nobody asked for it, nobody expected it (maybe?), but here it is!
The Music Box you’ll find in the game’s Tavern/HUB has all the BGMs we’ve produced for the game (more than 40 tracks). We’re really proud of all of them!


Another recruitable party member joins the cast! There’s no end to them.

Crystal Princess


This new girl will be found as you travel to the Underground regions of the Kingdom!

She comes with crazy high defences, pretty much on par with dragons, but also with a tiny setback: she can’t walk!

During fights, if you switch to her, she will be stuck in that spot until you switch her out! Luckily she can throw her shards around, but there’s also a much bigger weapon in her arsenal…

Her outstanding HP/Defence/Magic Defence stats give her usually enough time to charge her Crystal Crash skill, which few enemies will be able to survive!

However, getting hit will slow down the charging process (and compared to the video I’ve increased that slowdown by 50%).

She’s already fully operational and, as Moss before her, she has her own recruitment scene and will have her own unique lines for the Tavern and Campsite!

And now… art dump!

Lamia Nuns


Lamias join the Church of Conquest‘s ranks!
You’ll get to know more about them during the final part of Wyvern’s route and many other future routes will touch the subject.

Mimic Scene

Mimic Princess’ scene has been reworked to reflect her new looks and animation!


The HUGE TREASURE Dungeon now really has a great treasure awaiting who manages to reach its end, if the Mimic1 MYSTERY BOX, one of the most useful items in the whole game, wasn’t enough!


While all the Dragon Princesses are pretty much ready, we’re waiting for the Queen to join them before showing the whole family! Prepare to remain speechless, I’m sure of it!

In the meantime Rabbit Princess’ new animation is close to be ready, all the quest logs have almost finished being rewritten, there’s a new SEs for the Bone_Rattle Bone Rattles and soon the BGM for the Queen’s Castle will be taken care of!

The next Princess that will get the Moss and Crystal treatment will either be Knight, Frog or Mimic herself, I’ll take a little time to decide, got more urgent matters to take care of, before that!

There will be much more ART™ to show this month!

Hey! Long time no see!

Just a couple details, then everything I’ve wanted for the launch of Princess & Conquest will be completed, including the new human animations (that come in 12 different flavours~)!
Time to pack it up and have it ready to be delivered at any time!

Once that’s done, I’ll resume adding new content to the game, fleshing out more routes (Skeleton, Ghost and Wyvern) and more big stuff (see the end of this post), but those new features will likely end up in a later version.

That being said, there’s much to show today and much more to look forward to, as always.

Slumbering City and Resistances


Princess & Conquest has plenty of places visited daily by a whole spectrum of monsters, humanoids and the likes, but as you challenge the Knight’s limits to reach the Kingdom’s bounds you’ll find yourself often in deserted, dangerous and gloomy places!

Sure, there’s always treasures to hunt and secrets to discover, but wether or not it is worth the effort you won’t be able to tell in advance.

The Slumbering City is one of those inhospitable places, filled with deadly poisonous gas, which leads us to…


This new column (WIP) in the characters’ menu will be used to show the Resistances your party member has and also abilities that could be useful to travel around the Kingdom.

Poison and Ice Resistance, Flight and Swim are already fully functional!
Some races have one or two of those skills granted from the get go, in other occasions you’ll need special equiments to provide for your needs!

Search for warm clothes, heat-emanating items (like the Kobby2.png Chunga Root) or for companions that don’t fear the cold if you want to travel safely the icy regions of the Kingdom!

Turtle Time Magic!

In the long forgotten city, giant remains of dragon-sized turtles are scattered around. They’re big enough for a man to fit in!

While their civilization is now extinct, those giant never aging turtles had unrivalled power in the underground world. It’s been centuries since the calamity that destroyed their city struck, but their powerful magic still lingers in that place.



You know how I prefer to tie metagame elements to ingame events, I really don’t like to break the immersion. 

This is the ingame method to restart your playthrough!

There’s many things you can carry over thanks to the Mimic1.png MISTERY BOX!
You should take care to plan everything in advance if you want to restart your match! 


Enough bugging the Dev! At last the auto-save function is here.


The game will now be automatically saved on Slot 16 every new ingame day, after every game world’s event has finished loading. This way there shouldn’t be unavoidable crashes right after the auto-save!

 Pillow Fights!

Finally the weapon we’ve all been waiting for: the Pillow Hammer!


Too soft to resist, your enemies will fall asleep, defenseless, if you hit them with this scaringly effective weapon!

Doesn’t work on bosses though…

20 new challengers incoming!

Saving the best for last!

By this month 20 (!!!) new Princesses, chosen to fit the game biomes we’ve yet to fill, will be created!

The 6 categories are:

  • Sea/Deep Waters
  • Unholy/Occult
  • Hell/Volcano
  • Jungle/Wild
  • Underground
  • Sky/Heaven

Each one of these will have 3 to 4 entries, it’s finally time to prepare for the next Reigns!

Finally humans have their own animation too!

Of course there’s different versions for all the hair/skin colour combinations, there’s all kinds of humans in the Kingdom after all!

We went a little overboard this time, handholding and all.
I’m sorry if someone feels offended by this.

Remember that is always possible to make a voluntary donation or a tip to us, to keep us alive until our funding platforms are back!


Tipping us in here is also much appreciated!