Here’s the new build, with A LOT of new stuff, even more than usual!



  • Skeleton Princess’ route is now complete!
  • Skeleton Princess skill updated
  • DesertP x MothP campsite scene added
  • Hammerhead Port is now open
  • The Golden Stump is now open
  • Kobold NSFW animation #3 has been remade to fit her new look
  • Kobold NSFW animation #4 has been remade to fit her new look
  • LamiaP NSFW animation #1 added
  • LamiaP NSFW scene reworked
  • Insects intro has now a NSFW scene
  • AmelieAmelie is now recruitable
  • ScarecrowPScarecrow Princess is now recruitable
  • Kobold Princess (and progeny) “Hidden Scales” costume added
  • Weapon attack range tweaked
  • Added difficulty levels (and the “Swordsman Manual” to change it after the intro)
  • Dusk Princess sprite updated
  • Added the Pincer.png Little Pincer and the Soap.png Bubbly Soap to Hammerhead Port shop
  • The Status Screen can now be opened from the Faun’s Tavern bulletin
  • Many changes and fixes to Insect Princess dialogues
  • Auction timer from 120s to 90s


  • Fixed Babs’ gallery possibly causing pregnancies in some cases
  • Fixed Harvest battles giving Affinity to Rabbit instead
  • Fixed drowning damage loop while changing equipment underwater
  • Fixed Affinity Bar in goblin’s not erasing itself after use
  • Fixed (custom) Mouse Princess blinking while in Status Screen
  • Fixed Egg quest #2 not completing itself correctly
  • Fixed missing trophies in Cat’s throne room
  • Fixed sprites swap while sprinting with dog in the Scarecrow Fields
  • Fixed NPC roaming getting stuck after the first travel
  • Fixed camping after midnight causing auto-saves to double
  • Fixed depositing equipped Progeny causing duplication of items (and other crashes happening while depositing)
  • Fixed switching leader (TAB button) bugging with 3 Party members
  • Fixed Drider males portrait placing in Level Up menu
  • Removed “Skills” menu from pause menu
  • Fixed the grapes placing in rabbits support quest
  • Fixed bugs and typos during GolemP “shocking” event
  • Fixed goblin bribing not guaranteeing a Princess the next day (if available)
  • Fixed golem missing assets while in human form
  • Fixed red dragons misnamed assets (swimsuits)
  • Fixed Mouse X Golem campsite scene starting even when golem is in her human form
  • Fixed King Cuccos not respawning in the Tree Canopy
  • Fixed pregnancy cheat not giving “Pregnant” status
  • Reduced FPS drops in Wyvern Peak
  • Fixed wrong teleport placing after one of the final events in ghost’s
  • Fixed getting stuck in the fairy teleporting you to Wyvern’s Peak
  • Fixed not all quests getting resetted after going to NG+
  • Fixed lamia progeny with Regalia also getting the crown in their portraits
  • Fixed crashes happening by loading saves during Kobold’s ending
  • Fixed teleport-after-flight various issues
  • Fixed Rocky Slope windy BGS fading in and out in the wrong places

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Time for another girl, another unique fighter, another cute companion to join the Knight’s ranks!

It won’t be easy to get, it’s probably between the hardest ones right now, but if you play your cards right while dealing with Harvest Princess you may get the chance to recruit…

Scarecrow Princess

Certainly not as sturdy as Crystal or Amelie, but…

If you decide to use her in fights you’ll immediately notice how she can easily control the whole field, thanks to her active abilityTerror” and her slow-moving StrawBOTs, flailing their hands like crazy!

Terror” has a longer cooldown compared to Ghost/Gorgon Shield Fear“, but it also damages the scared enemies! It has a greater effect if you’re fighting against 1-2 enemies at most.

It’s scary AND hurts!

The cost of all of her cool perks comes with her passive ability: “Kakaka”!

If she’s free to walk the land of our Queen, the Life Force of the Kingdom will drop and every Reign that’s not controlling any source of food will lose a little Population! Every day!

Any way around it? You could decide to steer the tides of war by giving a cornucopia Withered Cornucopiato the only Reign you want to favor (it will gain Population instead of losing it by Scarecrow’s effect), but I believe she deserves her own route!

How could anyone say “no” to her?


A kobold that’s following the way of her late father, a human paladin!


After successfully helping this pint-sized paladin in her quest, the Knight will be able to get this new, unique, party member in his ranks!

Let’s get physical~

With her incredibly high physical stats she’ll be a great help in battles against enemies that don’t use magic!

Her passive ability, “Righteous“, also has a nice side-effect: +1 Life Force every time she kills an enemy using her “Smite!” skill!

She starts with her Chastity Belt on!

Too bad she only has 1 MP! This means that normally she will be able to use “Smite!” only once before having to use an Elixir or other recovery items. Normally.

The video shows her active ability “Chaaarge!” and a way to avoid her MP limitation!

While using “Chaaarge!” she takes half the damage from physical attacks and counter every hit taken with powerful blows!


And yes, you can fuck her. Happy now?



Enjoy this new build, there’s exciting news coming in the next days~



  • gobaff.png Goblin Affinity can now be used to influence next day’s slave
  • Mouse X Golem Princess campsite scene added
  • Increased Life Force malus from using dean “The Death Not” from 1 to 3
  • coin Wealth displayed in the Status screen increased to 10
  • Naked portraits in postsex speeches
  • King Cucco approximately 25% faster
  • Added “Painful Love” costume for Desert Progeny


  • Swirlies/Exp rate is back to 1:1
  • No message displayed if you first enter Komachi’s cave after day 20
  • Generally lowered the slaves’ level
  • Fixed Goblin Mask Green Deceit/ montu.png Monastery Tunic causing slowdowns
  • Fixed “Big Game” weapons attack speed
  • Fixed campsite “C” icon interfering with Status Screen
  • Fixed party leader switch to an Egg in the party if it has health higher than 1
  • Fixed wrong kind of elite in the Ancient Battlefield
  • Fixed unavailable Bunnysuits being given as rewards
  • Fixed Old Church crash on load if saved in the “lively” part of the building
  • Fixed Clocktown crashing if staple NPCs are in there
  • Fixed issues with heads/ears of Rabbit progeny portraits
  • Fixed custom Princesses costumes not working
  • Fixed Cat X Insect campsite scene BGM crash
  • Fixed dead slime sprite crash
  • Fixed delivering “Egg” quests to the Guild’s Clerk not working correctly
  • Fixed delivering “King Cucco” quest to the Guild’s Clerk not working correctly
  • Fixed Succubus1Cinder Ribbon assigning stats wrongly
  • Fixed Mimic1 MYSTERY BOX resetting on NG+
  • Fixed Insect/Desert soldiers wearing wrong costumes
  • Fixed Goblin Animation #4 gallery crash
  • Fixed duplicated NPC sprite in Ghost’s
  • Fixed passability issues in Sunken Temple
  • Fixed the Slave Auction’s clerk calling the slaves with a wrong name
  • Fixed Icedrag1 CREAM Ice Resistance not being shown in the Level Up menu
  • Fixed issues with Mice sprites
  • Fixed various typos

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Let’s keep this post updated as we publish the sketches for the new Princesses!
Their names/looks/everything may still be subject to changes.

You can find them only on our SubscribeStar for now!


Remember that all Princesses are best and worthy of your love.

While waiting for the winner of the new animation poll


… and getting our hands on another wonderful animation by Akai


…here’s what has been added since v0.16.6!



  • Cheats now don’t need a patch
  • Ghost Animation #2 added
  • Wealth/Tax/Population mechanics completely reworked
  • Capped the effect of Population on War Sustainability to 2000
  • Status Screen updated with weekly Wealth forecasts
  • Mouse Princess now gains 1 coin Wealth everytime someone pay taxes to her
  • Dragon Princess now drains 2 coin Wealth everytime she enstablishes herself in a Reign
  • Progeny from “transformed” mothers now becomes a purebreed


  • Fixed most of the remaining Dragon Princesses (Lacomia/Mandrya) interruption to World Map events
  • Fixed Hornet sprite during fight in Insect Princess throne room
  • Fixed skeletons losing Population when not at war
  • Fixed the Egg Quests (“Where I Eggcel”,”Tomorrow’s Eggciting Youth”)
  • Fixed Larva -> Moth transformation crashes
  • Fixed MYSTERY BOX not working when trying to open it in NG+
  • Fixed “Stranded Knight” trait decreasing Relationship instead of Affinity points
  • Fixed autosave after Faun Princess adult scene giving a black screen
  • Fixed autosave on playthrough start
  • Fixed Goblin Princess dowry mispelled
  • Fixed camping/sleeping until morning after 00:00 still causing the game to advance of 1 day ahead
  • Fixed Panic Button not ending battles properly
  • Fixed missing Harvest picture assets
  • Fixed eggs you get in the Kobold Quarters from causing team size to exceed 4
  • Fixed Lacomia, Dragon Princess, going to Rabbit instead of Harvest if the latter is the richest Reign in the Kingdom
  • Fixed Wolves sprite issues
  • Fixed crashes and placement issues of Shade Princesses

Our Patreon page will open back soon, I’ll add the link in here when that happens, in the meantime the game is already available on Itch.io and Gamejolt!

Get all the future releases with a one-time payment!

Or support us monthly to get access to Polls, Art Previews, NPC commissions, Cheats…