Heya! Let’s keep this summer’s good vibes going!

v0.16.10 will be the first build to finally release again on all our platforms at once, so that noone will miss it!

v0.16.10 will be available the 11th of July on Patreon / Subscribestar / Itch.io / Gamejolt

Here’s the complete changelog!


  • The completely new brothel, the Stone Knife, is ready
  • Conquest Endings added! If one of the Reigns becomes too powerful this new kind of (bad) ending will get triggered. Is the Kingdom doomed??
  • You can now toggle ON/OFF auto-saves and Conquest endings
  • HumanP X CatP campsite scene added
  •  New CGs from our new artist INKO


  • During Tent Sex the END Endurance you have left for the day will be shown and you will have the chance to use PriMinWat.pngPrincess’ Mineral Water to recover some! FRESH!
  • BGM for the Golden Stump added
  • New sprites for shark characters and DesertP added
  • Pregnant portraits for WyvernP added
  • DriderP NSFW animation #1 added
  • MouseP Majorette costume added
  • SkeletonP wedding costume added
  • Added new icons for the soap Bubbly Soap, the ROSARY Undeath Rosary, the QUEENS NEW DrESS Queen’s New Dress, the carrot Prize-Winning Carrot, the sword Crusader Sword, the sash Pious Sash, the rejuvenating rosary Rejuvenating Beads, the goblet of milk Queen’s Milk and the kog Cogs.


  • Fixed golem NPCs portrait crashes
  • Fixed CrusaderP portrait crashes 
  • Fixed knight getting stuck on SHARKS, of all things
  • Fixed issues in Dragon Princess I’s ending if Harvest’s the most powerful Reign
  • Fixed crashes in Golden Stump when talking to Lamias
  • Fixed crashes during KoboldP questline after giving her the plug
  • Fixed Amelie recruiting event not being triggered
  • Fixed error of the fairy in the Southern region’s speech 
  • Fixed goblin’s elite unit sprite not loading correctly in battle
  • Fixed Cardinal Bell causing issues when used on staple NPCs (Crusader/Moss/Crystal/Scarecrow/Amelie)
  • Fixed Prayer: Lesser Dragon causing issues when used on staple NPCs (Crusader/Moss/Crystal/Scarecrow/Amelie)
  • Fixed Moth Princess dialogue during her nightmare
  • Fixed possible crashes in Harvest’s Windmill

Let’s keep moving forward, the next Princess will be decided by our polls on Patreon and Subscribestar before the end of the month!

That’s all! Or not… more juicy news will drop during July! 


Here’s the first public version of Princess & Conquest!



As of July 2019 we’re already on v0.16.9, with v0.16.10 around a week away, if you want you can check the changelog up to it in here!

There’s a lot of new additions and bugs taken care of!


  • Added Harvest X Rabbit (II) campsite scene
  • Fixed loading crashes in the World Maps
  • Fixed Slime/Golem/Rabbit diplomacy menu
  • Fixed Cathedral(outside) passability issues
  • Fixed Ctrl slowing movement speed even outside combat
  • Fixed crashes in Hunter’s Terrace while talking to rabbits
  • Fixed slave costumes for cats/slimes/rabbits
  • Fixed transformation in Scarecrow Princess’ room
  • Fixed OST crash in Dog Princess Tavern’s scene
  • Fixed OST crash in Kobold Princess Ending scene
  • Fixed auctions timer (60s -> 120s)
  • Fixed errors in calculating siege resistances and timers
  • SPRITE RELOADER now works on Knight too
  • (Finally?) fixed loading crashes
  • Fixed many issues with Slime costumes
  • Fixed (again) Slime first scene from getting stuck
  • Fixed (again) items spawing in the sea during the beach minigame
  • “SPRITE RELOADER” added as debut item, use it to get the looks of your Princesses back being at least similiar to the former ones.
  • Fixed Armur du Caramel losing swirlies AND health upon getting hit
  • Fixed Garderie peeping from crashing when there’s a race without animations involved
  • Fixed currency typo for the merchant outside Human’s
  • Fixed Broken Dagger trasformation bugging after going into wheat fields
  • Fixed typos in Wyvern and Harvest scenes
  • Fixed patrols in the Monastery of Conquest getting all janked up by un/equipping the Nun Dress
  • Fixed the faces in the Garderie menu not showing
  • Fixed humanoid driders portrait position in most menus
  • Fixed kobold lusty maid from being of any race instead of just kobold
  • Fixed crashes happening when selecting an empty slot while healing corruption
  • Fixed swapping party members getting locked up after teleports during flight
  • Fixed sprites swaps caused by hiding in Scarecrow Princess’ room
  • Fixed Harvest/Rabbit pregnancies influencing eachother
  • Fixed pregnancy status not healing up after deliveries
  • Fixed perma-poison applayed by the moths’ butterflies
  • Fixed random teleports at Babs’ after sex animations
  • Fixed crashes in the Pyramid while dropping off party members
  • Panic Button now works everywhere, use it to get out when stuck
  • Fixed Power Pearls resurrecting the wrong party members
  • Fixed teleport position in Ghost’s throne room
  • Fixed race changes changing also the sex of the character, sometimes
  • Fixed Cat’s assault not happening while camping near her Reign during clear nights
  • Tweaked Kobold’s jump and the kickback from enemy hits
  • Fixed BGM crash during Kobold’s ending, after beating the King Cucco
  • Fixed the source of most portrait swaps
  • Fixed the door in Rabbit’s room getting the knight stuck
  • Fixed scene getting stuck after defeating Knight Princess
  • Fixed Komachi map crashing after her quest fails
  • Loading crashes fixed
  • Fixed crash during DogP attack on Human Princess
  • Fixed Garderie spying crashing with less than 2 Progenies deposited
  • Fixed switching to eggs while healing corruption
  • Fixed issues in the Oasi while fighting with the mimic
  • Fixed TP/underwater issues in the Oasi
  • Fixed TP/underwater issues in the Sunken Ruins
  • Fixed crash during dragon flight scenes
  • Fixed crashes during rabbit NSFW animations
  • Fixed crashes during frog NSFW animations
  • Resized the payment choices at Babs’
  • Fixed DQ killing scene in Mandrya route
  • Fixed Elemental in Pyramid not attacking
  • Reworked the fights against elemental bosses
  • Fixed knight’s sprite changing wrongly after riding the cart
  • Fixed Lacomia “helmet-throwing” scene repeating
  • Fixed corpse blocking the lever in the Sunken Ruins
  • Fixed corpse in the tent outside the lich-knights’ cave being an infinite source of bones
  • Fixed knight turning invisible after SkeletonP running away from the wedding
  • Fixed OST crash after killing the mountain goblins in HumanP questline
  • Fixed first SlimeP campsite scene getting stuck
  • Fixed second HumanP campsite scene getting stuck
  • Fixed sprite crashes in Dog’s abandoned Reign
  • Fixed sprite crash in Kobold ending’s fight
  • Fixed Harvest “chase” locking the player menu access
  • Fixed Level UP menu crashing if the dragon sisters are in team
  • Fixed HarvestP questline progression
  • Fixed sprite crashes in Insect’s questline
  • Fixed Royal Archives passability issues
  • Fixed Wyvern Peak passability issues
  • Fixed encounter with Dusk while outside Queen’s Spire
  • Fixed poison not re-applying itself after leaving in the Slumbering City
  • Fixed Crystal and Crusader portraits not being shown correctly in menus
  • Fixed Power Pearl resurrecting the wrong party member/causing crashes
  • Fixed Mimic Princess scene repeating itself
  • Fixed scene getting stuck after Ghost’s boss fight
  • Fixed King Cucco getting stuck after kill
  • Fixed Komachi crashing while giving prisoner costume
  • Fixed Komachi dying in after 1 day you don’t feed her instead of 1 week
  • Fixed Cat units sprites in battle
  • Fixed Pink Iron gift to Human Princess crash
  • Fixed most of save-file loading crashes
  • Disabled switching during flight
  • Fixed switching while inside the wheat fields causing sprite swaps
  • Fixed crash happened by talking with Silene (green dragon)
  • Fixed sexy time in tent giving wrong animations
  • Wyvern battlefuck fixed
  • Fixed Insect Menu popping up during the fight in the Princess’ chamber
  • Fixed crash happening after getting some kinds of sperm from enemies
  • Fixed Dog Princess crash while she tries to kick out a Progeny from your team
  • Fixed sex on the Civil Boat looping
  • Fixed BMG crash in Kobold’s room
  • Fixed getting asked in the tent twice to finish the sexy time
  • Fixed Fairy Princess mispellings
  • Fixed TPing out of Slumbering City
  • Fixed passability issues in the Entrance of the Queen’s Spire
  • Fixed ability to move around during sex in Kobold’s room
  • Fixed BGM crash during Moth boss fight
  • Fixed Mouse Tinkerer sprite not getting shown when the Clocktown is empty
  • Fixed crashes happening while flying over mountains with Wyvern or Knight
  • Fixed crash happening during Lacomia route
  • Fixed Kobold Princess ending up in all the tent sex animations
  • Fixed Eggs hatching during slave auctions
  • Fixed typos in Mimic Princess’ scene
  • Fixed permanent poison after fight in the cave South of Skeleton’s
  • Fixed getting stuck in Mandrya (blue dragon) door if not facing it correctly
  • Fixed crazed ghosts sprites during “Assist GhostP” quest
  • Fixed Skull Crawlers crashes in Dog’s abandoned town
  • Fixed sprite and crash happening while turning back from rabbit form in Rabbit P questline
  • Fixed crash happening when Harvest surrenders during a siege
  • Fixed Ghost and Slime NPCs crash in Hunter’s Terrace
  • Fixed Frog Princess not continuing the “Down the Drain” quest
  • You cannot lift the ghosts barrier before waking up Ghost P anymore
  • Fixed Beach treasure hunt items spawing inside the water
  • Fixed sprites name mismatches
  • Fixed BGMs name mismatches
  • Fixed passability issues in HUGE TREASURE dungeon and others
  • Fixed the fairy in the Southern map flying away from her target
  • Fixed autosaves not working after resting in the campsite
  • Fixed frequent portrait mismatches
  • Fixed Vineyard map not loading correctly
  • Fixed Frozen Skull (outside) map not loading correctly
  • Fixed Babs crash while transforming into a bat
  • Fixed kobolds’ white top costume
  • Fixed reset of the “Food Fetchers” quest
  • Renamed Fairy Princess quest
  • Fixed teleport to the northern Tea Party
  • Added missing assets for kobolds, cats and humans
  • Fixed Princess menus often appearing while in their towns
  • Fixed gift limit check
  • Fixed Cat Princess diplomacy menu
  • Added mannequin in Harvest’s
  • Fixed crash with Tavern NPCs (you will need to rest 1 day for them to re-appear)
  • Fixed repeating Mushroom Cave event
  • Fixed bypassing the guard by Harvest Princess’ door
  • Sacred Candle now equippable only by Princesses and Progeny
  • Fixed Mandrya assault loop
  • Fixed the bandits by Harvest Princess
  • Fixed the Scarabs in the Pyramid not attacking
  • Fixed clipping after using the “SlowFaller”
  • Fixed teleport issues by the Lamia Ruins
  • Fixed bugs caused by unequipping the swimming apparels, while underwater
  • Fixed gift menu crashes
  • Fixed Kobold Princess not showing animation in her classic form
  • Complete art overhaul
  • Every main Princess is now randomizable
  • Princess’ units are now randomizable
  • Complete interface overhaul
  • New World Maps added (Kingdom Below, Kingdom Above, Sea Kingdom)
  • Harvest Reign added
  • Harvest Princess added
  • Wyvern Princess added
  • Crystal Princess added
  • Moss Princess added
  • Crusader Princess added
  • Dragon Progeny added
  • Drider Progeny added
  • Lamia Progeny added
  • Church of Conquest faction added
  • Queen faction added
  • Wyvern route opens
  • Skeleton route opens
  • Several new Campsite scenes added
  • Ghost Princess questline reworked
  • Skeleton Princess questline reworked
  • Mandrya, Dragon Princess, ending added
  • Added NSFW animations for Slime NPCs
  • Added NSFW animation for Human Princess
  • Added NSFW animations for Insect NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Moth NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Dragon NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Mouse NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Desert NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Ghost NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Goblin NPCs
  • Added NSFW animation for Mimic Princess
  • Added NSFW animation for Faun Princess
  • Added NSFW animation for Rabbit Princess
  • Added NSFW animation for Frog Princess
  • Added NSFW animations for Cat Princess
  • Added NSFW animations for Human NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Kobold NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Dog NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Golem NPCs
  • Added NSFW animations for Skeleton NPCs
  • Lewd events all around the Kingdom added
  • Added around 90 new maps all around the Kingdom
  • Added 30+ new items
  • Complete Slave Auctions rework
  • Progeny rework #1 Breeding
  • Progeny rework #2 Releasing
  • Progeny rework #3 Chromosomes
  • Progeny rework #4 Equipments
  • Progeny rework #5 Costumes
  • Progeny rework #6 Shinies!
  • Progeny rework #7 Slaves (unique dialogues, renaming, “Master” titles)
  • Added meeting zone #1 Hunter’s Terrace
  • Added meeting zone #2 Lamia Ruins
  • Added meeting zone #3 Slime Pool
  • Added meeting zone #4 Beach
  • Added meeting zone #5 Civil Boat
  • Added meeting zone #6 Dragon’s Spire Inner Garden
  • Added meeting zone #7 Golden Stump (releases in v0.16.1)
  • Added meeting zone #8 Torture Chambers
  • Several new tracks of the OST added
  • JukeBox added
  • Flight mechanics added
  • Dive mechanics added
  • Added hazardous zones (freeze, heat, poison)
  • Soul Wishes added
  • Necromancy added
  • Life Force mechanics added
  • Kingdom Lewdness mechanics added
  • Eggs added (for kobold, insect, moth, drider, lamia and dragon progenies)

Time to start a new poll! The winner will be our 14th main Princess!!




The colour code represents the biome of the Princess. As you can see Princesses from the same biome can’t meet until the semifinals!

Here’s the color codes:

Vote for your favourite and decide the new main girl of Princess & Conquest!! 

The Final begins!!! Less than 6 days to go!

  • Tantra VS Finhead 
  • Ratel VS Black
  • Snail VS Mermaid 
  • Centaur VS Cloud 
  • Seahorse VS Hecate
  • Garuda VS Ent 
  • Oni VS Mask
  • Tribal VS Talon


  • Finhead VS Ratel
  • Mermaid VS Centaur
  • Seahorse VS Garuda
  • Mask VS Talon


  • Finhead VS Centaur
  • Garuda VS Mask