One of the many 🎃 Halloween surprises 🎃!


You’ll meet this little thing only under certain conditions, one of them involving Life Force, the other being the state of the Goblins’ Reign!

Once you manage to find a recruit Dokuro in your party (she can be deposited into Dear’s Progeny bank, so you can even carry her to NG+) you’ll get the couple useful perks that come into her boney package!

  • Death Medium

You can now check her Level Up menu in order to know what’s the current level of Life Force in the Kingdom!

Life Force governs over the life/death balance, as it lowers you’ll notice an increased numbers of undead around, and I’m currently focusing on many more events about its balance!


Perish is a unique skill of her! If she manages to kill someone with one of her projectiles, Life Force will decrease by 1! That’s the same thing Amelie’s “SMITE!” does, but it decreases Life Force instead!

Just like Amelie she only has 1 MP, so she can use that skill only once before you have to refill her energy!
BUT! If you equip a Clockwork Key on her she’ll get her MPs automatically recovered every few seconds!

That’s a lot of DEATH!

She comes with her Achievement too!

10/10 is the day!

Same day as the Steam release!

I’m so pumped for it!!
The western scene needs to push HARD (and finish!) its own games now that there’s a platform available that is widely used and lets us do our thing without censorship!

Back to our thing! What’s new in v0.16.14?? (after a whole 2 weeks since the last build~)

Princess Diaries are back!

No better tool to see our Princess’ lewd stats and Corruption / Pregnancy status has ever existed in the Kingdom! Now bug-free and with the Church of Conquest seal of quality!

Options +

Many options you can adjust during your playthrough, from the oh-so-requested volume levels, to Pregnany Speed, to Autosaves

Rabbit x Harvest !!!

It’s finally time to release this new scene with beautiful CGs made by our Sarikyou! The rightful conclusion to a chain of 3 events involving our “Mama” Princess and our best Princess (male)!

The next 2 Princesses that is getting the same treatment is all about tech-y stuff!

New Costumes ‘n Stuff

There’s also new costumes for the rabbits (Queen of Hearts and Abyss Explorer), a newly remade animation for Slime Princess, a lot of bugfixes and various adjustments!

Don’t miss the date!
10/10 is only 1 week-away and v0.16.14 will release at the same time on every platform!

It is time!

Princess & Conquest gets released on Steam on the 10th of October! A new build will be available for that day!