10/10 is the day!

Same day as the Steam release!

I’m so pumped for it!!
The western scene needs to push HARD (and finish!) its own games now that there’s a platform available that is widely used and lets us do our thing without censorship!

Back to our thing! What’s new in v0.16.14?? (after a whole 2 weeks since the last build~)

Princess Diaries are back!

No better tool to see our Princess’ lewd stats and Corruption / Pregnancy status has ever existed in the Kingdom! Now bug-free and with the Church of Conquest seal of quality!

Options +

Many options you can adjust during your playthrough, from the oh-so-requested volume levels, to Pregnany Speed, to Autosaves

Rabbit x Harvest !!!

It’s finally time to release this new scene with beautiful CGs made by our Sarikyou! The rightful conclusion to a chain of 3 events involving our “Mama” Princess and our best Princess (male)!

The next 2 Princesses that is getting the same treatment is all about tech-y stuff!

New Costumes ‘n Stuff

There’s also new costumes for the rabbits (Queen of Hearts and Abyss Explorer), a newly remade animation for Slime Princess, a lot of bugfixes and various adjustments!

Don’t miss the date!
10/10 is only 1 week-away and v0.16.14 will release at the same time on every platform!

It is time!

Princess & Conquest gets released on Steam on the 10th of October! A new build will be available for that day!

You better believe it. Only 1 week has passed since v0.16.12+, and we’re getting a new build already!

By our powers combined, we’ve met the goals I’ve set for v0.16.13 (I’ll publish Princess & Conquest’s Roadmap soon)!
I’ve already spent the last couple days testing the additions from sv0.16.12+ and fixing the bugs you are reporting, so there’s no need to wait any longer!

The additions in v0.16.13 include:

Dancing Desert~

Desert Princess affinity quest is now a dancing minigame! It comes in 2 different versions (Level 2 and Level 8, respectively)!

Desert Princess events rework

Every Desert Princess’ event, before recruiting her, has been reworked! This means different scenes, new dialogues and the build-up for her route’s opening! Things are getting quite complicated.

Animation Gallery reworked

With this many NSFW animations, the gallery needed to be faster and smarter! Now it’s much easier to navigate!

And much more, like:

  • Amelie NSFW animation and Battle Fuck mechanics
  • New look for characters such as LeChef (Human siege Boss) and the Mermaid Slave (in Goblin Princess’ questline)
  • and 30+ bugfixes

I’ll spend the remaining time making sure everything works fine, I want to get a really stable build on your hands! Make sure to report every bug you find in the latest builds!

v0.16.12 Download

Patch 1 Download

Changelog (v0.16.11 -> v0.16.12)


  • Achievements system added
  • New CGs for SlimeP adult scene
  • New CGs for WyvernP adult scene
  • New CGs for Lacomia, DragonP adult scene
  • New CGs for GoblinP first adult scene
  • WyvernP Route is now complete
  • Lamia NPCs (curvy) NSFW animation #1 added
  • Lamia NPCs (flat) NSFW animation #1 added
  • RabbitP NSFW animation #2 added
  • Mouse Banker new portrait and animation
  • Holstaur Milkers new portrait
  • Clocktown’s Mouse Tinkerer menu updated
  • Added Wedding costumes for skeleton progeny
  • Added a dedicated sprite for Amelie’s Dullahan costume
  • Added Templar costume for Crusader Princess
  • Added Cathian costume for Cat Princess
  • Added Church of Conquest costume for Michael
  • Added Bunnysuits for Desert Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Insect Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Ghost Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Goblin Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Dog Princess and NPCs
  • Added Bunnysuits for Harvest Princess and NPCs
  • Added the “Zpeedy“, mice technology to deposit the excess Swirlies in your bank account
  • Updated sprites for Sphinx and Tsuchiconda bosses
  • Swirly now get depleted when going to NG+
  • Daggers attack speed nerfed (0.25 seconds/atk -> 0.35 seconds/atk)
  • Fist weapon attack speed buffed (0.30 seconds/atk -> 0.25 seconds/atk)


  • Hippopotus and other bosses possibly not chasing the Player if it’s not the first boss fight you face
  • Bride Veil not working on DesertP
  • Removed Autosave during tutorial
  • HumanP and SlimeP Heir dialogue flow
  • Heirs being on throne possibly causing the game engine to see those Reigns as defeated
  • Black screen from the 2nd time you have sex with the Bank Clerk
  • Slime NPCs dialogue crash in the Golden Stump
  • Hammerhead Port / Mermaid Tail ship correctly moving to your location if you board it
  • DesertP dance room various issues
  • DesertP festival crash when talking to one of the kids
  • Rumble Jungle passability issues
  • Spire Pantheon passability issues
  • Black Screens happening after resting / using services for free (Rabbit Inn during transformation event, trip back from Mermaid Tail)
  • Crashes and repeated lines during the “Nun” step of Amelie’s questline
  • Black screen from the 2nd time you have sex with the Bank Clerk (now for real!)
  • Invisible wall in the Pantheon Garden
  • Insect Princess now correctly gives mostly red ants as first-generation heirs
  • World Map events, egg hatching and terrain damages now won’t interrupt ongoing dialogues
  • Wrong animation being shown when using default Cat or Goblin Princess during battle-fucks
  • Crashes when selecting one of the (missing) animations from Babs gallery
  • Removed extra “Blood-Spattered Mail” from the Monastery’s Graveyard
  • Mech golem body colour crash fixed
  • Mouse Banker not giving the needed key after sex
  • Crashes when actors with low Max HP get in battles
  • Portrait mismatches
  • Purple Lump crashes during battles
  • Crystal Princess explosion crashes during battles
  • Pious Sash and Prize-Winning Carrot moved from Costumes to Accessories
  • Drider and Lamia NPCs exp/level curves
  • Butterfly sprites bugging during night
  • Knight-on-male NPC sex (with female animations) in Hunter Terrace / Slime Pool


  • Randomizing Princesses option moved between the “Customizations” at the beginning of the playthrough
  • Using cheats will stop you from getting new medals!

Changelog (Patch 1)


  • Stops the Mouse Tinkerer from hanging the game if you have certain quantities of Cogs (00,11,22…)
  • Fixes some of the battle HUD icons not being disposed correctly after Mimic fights
  • Stops the Cheat Warning from being shown more than once
  • Rewrote most of the Desert/Sphinx dialogue during the dance
  • Merchant Princess’ dialogue choices now work as intended (you’re not forced anymore to pick on of the two options)
  • Stops Dragon Princess II appearance from causing issues to the game flow and stopping other events from happening
  • Amelie dialogues in the Clocktown now work properly