The Poll to choose the penultimate main character of Princess & Conquest will be held this January on Patreon!

As usual, considering we spend whole months on every new character, we want to make sure our supporters are given a nice roster to choose from, that’s why I spend quite many sleepless nights thinking about the possibilities.

As you may know already, both the remaining Reigns will be located in the Kingdom Below, a hard-to-reach underground area, home to the insects before they surface. An inhospitable land, mostly poisonous, so there’s got to be some GOOD REASONS to go all the way down there, right?

The Reigns

Let’s go over the themes of the 2 Reigns we’re still missing.

  • “Underground Reign”

Going by the location AND company we know that this Reign has got to be related to digging/underground natives, poison-resistant, and possibly friends with Insects (this is the hardest part, oh oh oh)! Alternatively, it has to be insect predators

This Reign will be able to move troops and conquer other Reigns, so it will go between the “Southern” Reigns, and will likely include a fast way to move between the Southern Kingdom and the Kingdom Below.

  • “Death Reign”

The deepest one, part of it briefly shown during Skeleton Princess’ route, will have a special meaning in the Kingdom’s balance, just like the 3 other Extra Reigns (Mouse balances the North and the South with taxes, Mermaid raids for survival and it’s the wild card regarding war, unable to be controlled by the Queen or the Knight, Bird being a good girl and enacting the Queen’s rule on her behalf without the use of force, trying to to keep the Kingdom balanced)!

This Reign has to be related to regulating the “passing“. With skeletons and ghosts happening to be undead, we need a Reign representing how the Kingdom tries (or marvelously fails) to control the passing between life and death in a setting where the undead are a thing.

The Poll

The Contenders 👑

PHASE 1 (20/01-25/01)

[Final Results!]

  • ⛏️DWARF 51% 🟢
  • 🍄MUSHROOM 25% 🟢
  • 🐸FROG II 24%

[Final Results!]

  • 👁‍🗨SHADOW 49% 🟢
  • 🐺ANUBIS 29% 🟢
  • 🦝GEMINI 19%
  • 🐉DIRGE 3%


[Final Results!]

  • 🐺ANUBIS + ⛏️DWARF 37%
  • 🍄MUSHROOM + 👁‍🗨SHADOW 63% 🟢

FINAL (1/02-5/02)

Final Poll: VOTE HERE 

[Partial Results: 319 Votes]

  • 👁‍🗨SHADOW 84%
  • 🍄MUSHROOM 16%